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Smart switchable glass for automatic door application

Can I use the smart switchable glass for the automatic door?

Yes, It is!

The automatic door is quite popular for the front door of the buildings, but want to use the smart glass to the automatic door seems very hard for the installation.


Huichi glass can provide the solution for the automatic smart glass door for you.

Training needed

Dear All,

We are Automotive glass manufacturer, we are looking for highly qualified persons on Bystronic CNC machines ( preprocessing , cutting ; edging; drilling)  for automotive standards. The person will ensure detailed training for 03 young technicians during a period of 15 days. The company is based in Algeria.

Please  send your Quotation at :

Africaver spa

Mob :+213 555 70 80 21

switchable smart glass

Switchable Smart Glass

Also called Smart glass, switchable glass, Intelligent glass, Electrical privacy glass, Smart pdlc glass, and Switchable smart glass.

It is capable of adjusting light transmission between transparent and opaque using AC power.


Applied on any window, doors…to get a instant privacy on demand. It gets many functions, such as light adjustment, UV and infrared blocking, advertising and secutiry.



Professional manufacturer for swithcable smart glass, smart film, self-adhesive smart film


We OYPDLC are a professional manufacturer of switchable smart glass, smart film and self-adhesive smart film ,power-on transparent, power off opaque.

Specializing in size design, techinical support and after-sale service

Anyone who is interested, please feel freely to contact us at

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Oxyhydrogen flame melting fused quartz glass tube

Quartz,fused quartz and fused silica have the highest 1100 degree temperature features than any of glass.As oxyhydrogen flame is up to 2800 degree,it can be used for melting fused quartz.If you work in lab,you have probably used quartz glass tube.Okay Energy oxyhydrogen generator is designed for quartz glass melting and sealing in laboratory and universities.