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Glass printing machin is on sale

Imprimo Litium 300UV LED board printer manufactured for sale in 2020, with very little operating hours, from the first owner.
Maximum print size: 2000x3000mm, max print height: 150mm, max. print quality: 1200x1200dpi,
CMYK+2 white Ricoh print head, print speed: 15m2/2h/6 pass, 20m2/2h/4 pass.
It can be viewed in operation: 1106 Bp., Jászberényi út 47/c. MKM Glass Design Studio Ltd.
Price: 24.900.- Euro+VAT

I send photos and infos for request:

Looking for high-performing windows

Hi everyone, I am an architect and am creating a marketplace for high performing materials.

I am looking for manufacturers of high-performing windows to join the platform to sell to U.S. home builders. 

Would appreciate some recommendations.. thank you!

My email:


Scratch removal methods and products

Hi everyone,

In the past we used to rework light and hard scratches with 3M Trizact 572 LA white belt. In time 3M stopped production of this item.

After not being able to find similar product, we switched back to using conventional methods, serium oxide with soft abrasives.

If any of you knows about a product similar to 3M Trizact 572 LA belt, please let me know. If you have successfull experiences with other products and/or materials, please let me know as well.


Thanks in advance.


Kind Regards

Solar Glass Panels | Solar Cladding System | Wholesale Supply

JustWe Green Energy Solutions Co., Ltd, founded in 2014, is a Sino-European wholesale supplier and developer of holistic green energy solutions.
We offer PV modules and raw glass for panel production based on CdTe thin film.

Our main products are Tempered PV Glass with different transparency levels and efficiency of up to 165W/sqm. Our PV glass modules can be used in rooftop and ground-mounted installations, solar cladding systems and solar window applications.

Padel Court Glass shower doors glass supplier

Padel Court Glass shower doors glass supplier , tempered glass 10mm 12mm.

Qingdao Northstar Glass Co., Ltd, founded in 2012, is one glass manufacturer in Shandong, north China.
With advanced production machines, experienced staff and  Strictly Quality Control, we can supply good quality glass with good flatness, quality strength,without scratches, chipping and shell edge etc. With our ERP system, every process from cutting to packing, every pieces glass can be found.

Glass industry machinery design needed

Hello, I am a mechanical engineer with some special machinery design knowledge, I want to learn about glass industry machines, I have just know this world, and it seems really interesting. Could someone advice me how can I learn about glass industry machinery design? Where can I get technical info? Some interesting books? Thank you very much! 

Online Marketing for Glass Company Owners

Hi, my name is Kevin. I'm a licensed glass contractor in Arizona. Company is Valleywide Glass LLC. We do a lot of service work and reglazes for residential and commercial. Before I was in the glass business I built websites and did SEO work for service companies. I used some of these skills to rank my website really well for local search and this worked out well to create many new incoming clients who then become past clients and really helped our company grow.