Questions about glass and its applications


Questions about glass, glazing and  applications of glass in exterior and interior.

What type of glass to use with a lion?

I am putting a photo box together that will have a lion inside. The box will have one side of glass. So people can pose next to the glass part of the box and have a picture taken. So the picture will look like the people are right next to the lion when in fact they are protected by the glass partition.

My question to all experts is what type of glass should i use?

I don't want anything that can scratch but it needs to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of a 450 pound lion rubbing against it.

The box will be 6ft by 4 ft.

Glass for Dance floor?


What glass I need to use for dance floor? Dance floor will be from glass segments (1,5m x 1,5m) and they will be placed on metal frame in about 20cm height. I heard that often is used 3x laminated glasses (tempered/not tempered/tempered), what thickness should they be? Also what bout clearness of this glass will be when girls with heels dance 1 year on this floor, is there will be a lot of scratches?


PS. urgent question :)

Silicone Blankets & Vacuum Bags for Laminated Glass Production

I am consulting with a client that manufactures slicone sheet blankets and vacuum bags for use in autoclaves, heat boxes, etc. for the prodution of laminated glass. They have been used for many decades in other industries but are looking to make connections in the glass industry. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. You can see them at

Exploding Glass Shower Screen

hi I have read some other posts on here regarding curved walk in shower panels exploding without due cause, and the same thing has happened to me this evening.
Luckily no one was in the bathroom at the time, and I have photographed the evidence before clearing it up (3 small sets of feet to worry about).
The shower was bought in 2003, installed 2004, and has never been damaged in any way. It has been used virtually daily in those years (excepting the odd holiday), and I am genuinely at a loss to understand why it could explode like that.