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IMMMES Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
ANTEAONE is ideal for screen printing and coloring plants.
Dow | United States | Manufacturer
Dow’s technology toolkit continues to extend beyond silicones with the introduction of DOWSIL™ 375 Construction & Glass Embedding, a new, high-performing polyurethane technology tailored for use in glass balustrade embedding applications.
IMMMES Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
The DGS is a totally automatic system for dehydrating, compacting and storing the sludges coming from the glass processes, it can be connected with one or two machines or with already exsisting and functioning plants.
IMMMES Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
The DTP is a treatment that provides the cleaning of the processing water through a physic/dynamic separation, combined with a filtration process.
IMMMES Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
The water treatment system called DTPs uses the same technology of the DTP, especially in regards to the principles of filtration and Physical-Dynamic separation, and most of all with regards to the result in the quality of the treated water.
FOREL | Italy | Manufacturer
Vertical machinery for glass arrissing, edging, drilling and milling. Versatile and reliable solutions for a high quality production, allowing to optimize manpower and manufacturing footprint.
Rider Glass Company Limited | China | Manufacturer
Thickness: 3-19mm etc. Maximum size: 3600*18000mm etc. other specifications and sizes can be customized according to customers' requirements.
STRON Glass Machinery Co.,LTD. | China | Manufacturer
The best choice of modern chemical plant is the original film, the file, the selection, the cutting, the imported servo motor and the frequency converter to drive the flipping and conveying, and the performance is stable and fast and efficient.
Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo S.r.l. | Italy | Manufacturer
Glass loader/unloader
STRON Glass Machinery Co.,LTD. | China | Manufacturer
The loading machine is used to match the glass cutting machine,also can adopted to match glass edging machine, mirror line, laminated line, coating line and tempering furnace. Easy operation, stable perfomance and good safety.
EnduroShield | Australia | Manufacturer
Glass coating for railings & pool fencing – cuts cleaning time
Glaston Corporation | Finland | Manufacturer
Looking for a state-of-the-art handling equipment? Looking to handle flat glass or windows efficiently? Looking for an optimal addition to your glass handling equipment?
IMMMES Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
DEM plants are directed to the obtaining of demineralized water through the use of specific cationic and anionic resins capable of absorbing from the water the saline and mineral part to be extracted.
IMMMES Srl | Italy | Manufacturer
OSM identifies the range products that use the principle of reverse osmosis for water demineralization through chemical and physical processes obtaining a total or partial elimination of the salts and minerals dissolved.
STRON Glass Machinery Co.,LTD. | China | Manufacturer
Glass stock management is for the management of float glass or laminated glass sheet. Easy and safe to manage, space saving and labour cost reducing, is the essential choice of modern factories.
FOREL | Italy | Manufacturer
Automatic handling and storage smart systems for optimizing the production flow of the glass factory. Tailor-made solutions ensuring high productivity, accurate quality control and increased safety.
LISEC Austria GmbH | Austria | Manufacturer
Ensure a smooth production with the LiSEC stand-alone machines.
Systron GmbH | Austria | Manufacturer
Vertical Glass Processing with integrated waterjet technology