Zaha Hadid – A Legend leaves behind a Legacy

Zaha Hadid, one of the most prolific architects of our times, passed away following a heart attack on March 31st, 2016 at Miami.

A life tragically cut short, it is a sad reminder that there will no longer be any more marvels bearing the Zaha Hadid signature style of architecture – fluid, swoopy, curvaceous. It is only befitting then, that she earned the moniker ‘Queen of the Curve’, with many of her fluid forms complemented by the liberal use of glass. An avid glass enthusiast, she was known to work extensively with glass for its fluidity, versatility, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Her work played around glass with its many fascinating facets, as is evident from most of her projects.

Zaha Hadid was as futuristic as her buildings were. Quick to embrace technology, she redefined the use of futuristic materials and glass gave her ample scope to bring her blueprints to life.  The shimmering glass facades of her buildings reflected her vision: clear, transparent and fortified with strength.

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