When you are striving for perfection – the solution is crystal clear!

When quality counts and the slightest degree of error can ruin a reputation, you want a name you can trust backed by a professional brand – Softsolution LineScanner.

Waidhofen/Ybbs - AUSTRIA, Glass fabricators are routinely trying to fulfill highest glass quality commitment for more than two decades by non consistent human inspection during production. Therefore nowadays companies try to meet customers’ quality requirements by integrating quality assurance systems.

Customers dislike when IG and lites arrive in their facility with scratches, chips, bubbles or other visual defects that exceed tolerances. So many managers saw an opportunity to further reduce these issues in their production and took the chance to incorporate an automated system.

“Customers today are continuously increasing their expectations for quality,” says Diana Negron, INTIGRAL’s vice president for customer service and systems. “They know defects discovered in assembly require remakes, which costs them money. And they know defects discovered in their products in the field cost them money and can damage their reputation.”

“We welcome any improvements that reduce their and our exposure in these areas.”

More than 100 companies worldwide already chose Softsolution’s Line Scanner to be their main support into the next quality century.

LineScanner provides:

· Surface quality and size comparison inspection

· Inspect edge deletion quality

· Customizable acceptance criteria by customer, batch or other grouping based on empirical data instead of judgment calls

· An easy to read monitor system which displays lites. This allows the operators more time to focus on value added activities.

· Customers’ production software barcode integration

· Archived scan results for each lite and/or IG unit for system-level problem solving, process reviews

· overall production statistics

Before, operators had just a few seconds to inspect glass for defects. Some operators were better than others. Some shifts were better than others. And some days were better than others. The integrated Line Scanner guarantees any glass or IG manufacturer consitant 24/7 quality inspection.

The LineScanner, which can be installed horizontally or vertically practically anywhere in the fabrication process, uses a 400 dot-per-inch bar scanner that processes glass within the usual cycle times or even faster than production flow.

It can scan and identify the shape and size of any piece of glass and verify the location and dimensions of all fabrications such as holes. It can see defects in all sides of double and triple pane units.

To aid production, the unit reads laser or other markings on the glass and displays production information on a monitor.

The defect tolerances are adjustable by industry and country standard, customer, batch, product category or other factor. Krenn says the LineScanner can be integrated with any ERP, quality or other production system. Using a full integration of LineScanner, remakes are automatically triggered if a lite is rejected. “This works standard in most flows nowadays,” Krenn says.

Customers also like how information on each unit is captured in a database. This enables quality managers to look for trends that might indicate a change in procedures or issues with a certain type of glass. If a customer challenges the quality of a unit, that record can be accessed individually, Krenn said.

Furthermore Krenn says reputation is valuable no matter where you make and sell fabricated glass. Better quality will protect a company during hard times to compete better and in good times to maintain pricing and customers.

Accelerated Quality Assurance for single glass and IG units

600450 When you are striving for perfection – the solution is crystal clear! glassonweb.com
Date: 12 April 2011
Source: Softsolution GmbH

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