Vista View: A Clear Statement in Luxury Living

Situated close to the banks of the river, this modern resort style home is a luxurious sanctuary and a stunning exemplar of Cooling Brothers Vista View Frameless Balustrading.

Using a range of simple, high end finished products, the incorporation of Cooling Brothers Vista View frameless balustrading was the perfect solution to complement the sophisticated details and materials throughout three levels of deluxe living.

The residence is a mix of stone cladding, cedar and burnt ash timber ceilings and eaves, lime washed burn oak floorboards, basalt paving with magnificent gardens, sunken conversation pit, and a glistening pool set on a huge pool deck.

Combining frameless glass that would accentuate rather than interrupt the materiality and flow between the carefully selected textures and beautifully flowing spaces was of utmost importance.

Cooling Brothers supplied and installed our frameless balustrading over two floors to the internal and external spaces, oversized doors to all bathrooms, pool fencing and robe doors.

Views from the upper levels of the home take in the river and the city, a perfect application for the seamless clean lines Vista View offers. The elimination of handrails in this instance, truly allows the home to speak of its contemporary design, and for the mix of stone and wood surfaces across the 3 stories to ebb and flow as they were designed to –  without disturbance.


Peppermint Grove Residence

Installer Cooling Brothers

Glass  15.04mm Vista View Frameless Balustrade

Photographer ©Joel Barbitta D-Max Photography

Further information on the processes featured in this project can be found below: 
Vista View Frameless Glass Balustrad

600450 Vista View: A Clear Statement in Luxury Living
Date: 26 July 2016

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