Rohmer + Stimpfig: Highest Quality, strong performance, flexible and reliable with new machines

With the new developed CNC grinding and polishing machines, using one spindle only, the glass processors in the huge market of small and medium series and single products now also have the possibility to refer and rely on the well proven and well known technology of the dynamic German Machine Manufacturer Rohmer + Stimpfig.

Thus, those looking for German Machinery Shop Qualities, Performances, Services and Customer Orientation do not any longer have to go for compromises. Under these aspects also a new generation of CNC-cutting machine has been designed within a very short period of time. These new revolutionizing machines will be available to the world market latest at the glasstec in Duesseldorf this year where you should look for yourself and meet a most successful and benefit promising “Made in Germany” technology.

RS 89.04 - the new single spindler with well proved components for small series, small glasses
By the new developed machine RS 89.04, R + S has come up to the more and more frequent requests regarding an extension of the delivery range down to smaller quantities. Now the time-tested, well-proved and very successful individual components of the R + S technologies for grinding and polishing of flat glass also for smaller quantities are available for the market. The installation with only one spindle can process glasses of max. 2300 x 1300 mm and the unique cooling, the high feeding speeds, the quick-change system for the tools as well as the very precise drive components of high quality are not omitted. According to the R + S company policy, also on this machine quality, reliability and capacity are very import features. Together with a first-class service worldwide, there is an excellent symbiosis which opens up new dimensions just for smaller quantities already for 1 piece of glass as well as for small series. The price for this machine will be at a level as offered by suppliers which could not come up to the quantity of the previous high-efficiency installations of R + S. So really everybody will be able to afford this machine.

RS 89.05 - the new single spindler with well proved components for small series and bigger glasses
The new development RS 89.04 is a further highlight in the R + S delivery range. Based on the a.m. Single Spindler, a further new CNC Grinding and Polishing Installation RS 89.05 has been developed. Here, a glass having a maximum size of 3300 x 1300 mm can be machined with a special grinding and polishing spindle. The installation is equipped with two working areas which are operating either synchronously (gantry system) or individually (shuttle system). That means in the gantry version, a glass of max. 3300 x 1300 mm can be loaded from 3 sides and then be machined. For smaller glasses up to max. 1300 x 1300 mm, one
table can process the glass while the other table is being loaded or unloaded manually at the same time, without any disadvantage regarding the CE rules for safety engineering. This multiplies the capacity, even if only one spindle is being used because working and loading/unloading can be made at the same time. For this reason, completely new dimensions also for small companies producing small quantities are possible, as also the price will reach categories which are unusual up to now because of unique process and operating optimisations.

RS 7.50 - the new CNC cutting machine generation
This new cutting machine is specially designed for smaller companies who are demanding best service and most comfortable operation and whose possibilities for investing are within certain limits. But also as additional cutting machine for special applications etc., this installation will find its market. Together with standard components of the high-efficiency installations offered by Rohmer + Stimpfig up to now, new drive concepts are applied here which are connecting the still superior quality of German engineering with efficiency, handling and a guaranteed precision of ± 0,15 mm for glasses up to 1000 mm. This makes a synergy which on one side is economical, but on the other side most effective, rational, quick and of easy handling and which makes available the well-proved quality, flexibility and the comprehensive service of Rohmer + Stimpfig for everybody now. Of course, beside these machines for the small series and individual components further CNC controlled machines are developed and presented to the world market which are a further proof for the dynamic philosophy of the medium-sized company in Fürth.

RS 89.01 XXL - CNC Processing Center
Within the building and construction market more and more architectural special requests for huge glass fronts are coming up. More and more special shaped glass sheets of big dimensions are used. Taking this into account, Rohmer + Stimpfig has developed a new grinding and polishing machine where single glasses of up to 3.300 x 4.300 mm can be processed. With this new machine Rohmer + Stimpfig again sets new standards. Proven and well known components of Rohmer + Stimpfig’s grinding and polishing know-how have been combined with positioning, loading and unloading systems. With this machine it is possible to process two glasses max. 1.500 x 4.300 mm at the very same time, using two high tech and hard to top grinding / polishing spindles with all the most advanced features such as direct water cooling, fastening of several tools, etc. The glass is positioned on a loading table, automatically transported into the processing area and after grinding and polishing with the very same spindle, automatically transported to the downstream equipment at the rear side of the machine. Thus the bothering loading and unloading from side only becomes inapplicable. More flexibility, an easier handling of big glass sheets and a much higher capacity are the result. This result increases the efficiency of such a machine tremendously compared to the old fashioned technology. Thus the big glass sheets now can be manufactured much more economically and this helps to further open the market. Beside the proven high tech components of grinding and polishing Rohmer + Stimpfig has included a new revolutionary driving system. Linear driving units make wear, maintenance and high tolerances forget. In addition highest acceleration and precision are achieved. With the integration of this new technology again standards are set by Rohmer + Stimpfig. Standards others have to be measured with...

This new machine (most probably the biggest grinding and polishing machine with a continuous material flow on earth !!!!) has been introduced to the glass world during June 2001 and works since then at one of the leading constructional and architectural glass supplier.

RS 89.01 XL - CNC Processing Center
Coming up to the requests of the market, R + S has added a little smaller machine to the successfully introduced Grinding and Polishing machine RS 89.01 XXL (glass sizes of up to 3.300 x 4.300 mm for processing single glasses and up to 2 times 1500 x 4300 mm for processing two glasses). With the new RS 89.01 XL, one glass of max. 2300 x 2300 mm can be processed or two glasses at a time of max. 1000 x 2300 mm each. So the capacity concerning furniture and glass doors is nearly unlimited. Where up to now 5-10 glasses could be ground and polished at a time, now capacities of up to 20 glasses per hour and even more now are no more utopian (calculation based on size of one glass 800 x 1800 mm, 2 pcs. ground and polished at a time!). By this, a further step to market expansion regarding these glasses would have to be guaranteed. Of course, also this installation is equipped with all time-tested R + S components as well as automatic loading and unloading systems from and to the operating area as for example two spindles on the X bridge with service station where tools can be changed very easily outside the machine. In the processing area so-called system base elements are equipped, on which the suction plates are fixed without any tools. Inconvenient tubings and thus long and partially difficult changes to other glass shapes now are definitely past.

RS 7.47 – now up to 240 mm bending radius
Higher demands of the automobile industry have been taken into account with this new machine concept. Regarding quality, reliability and capacity new standards have been set with this new calotte cutting machine, especially regarding cutting tolerances and dynamics. Cutting of spherical and aspherical calottes does not belong any longer to the category of complicated and hard to manage cutting processes, e.g. rear view mirrors, etc. With a new drive concept and cinematics of a total of 7 CNC-controlled axes, extreme cuts at extraordinary and different radii are no longer called problematic or not possible.
Main part of this innovative product is the so-called rod cinematic. The working table (where the calotte will be placed for cutting) has three links for the Z-axes (3 x 120°), controlled by three inclined mounted rods, driven by linear units. Synchronously and at the same time to the X-, Y- and C-axes movement of the cutting head, the three Z-axes change the horizontal of the table in all directions by moving up and down. Thus you reach the optimal horizontal position of the cutting section of the calotte just below the cutting head.

Therefore calotte radii below 500 mm are no longer called “not possible” – with this new system new standards are set and new areas can be “tackled”.

RS 7.49 – just one machine for flat and convex glass (world novelty)
On special customer request and in order to achieve highest flexibility, not suffering the R + S well proven components, this new combination of the well known calotte cutting machine and a flat glass cutting machine has been developed. With the known technology of the RS 7.47 you can cut calottes with a bending radius of the calotte of up to 240 mm and you can cut flat glass max. 800 x 1250 mm. The machine is prepared to be upgraded with automatic loading and positioning for flat glass also.

RS 78.01 – just one machine for cutting and grinding
According to markets demand this new concept, a combination of the proven technologies of cutting and grinding the RS 78.01 has been developed. In spite of the compact overall size of the machine the customer does not have to sacrifice the well known cutting and grinding Technology of Rohmer + Stimpfig. In addition and as a revolution in the glass market new driving concepts have been included for the first time. This new concept allows much higher dynamic, speed, accuracy and better handling and maintenance. This compact machine (a combination of cutting and grinding) will be the ideal solution for smaller series and jobs where downtimes and change over times become an important factor.

600450 Rohmer + Stimpfig: Highest Quality, strong performance, flexible and reliable with new machines
Date: 22 August 2002
Source: Rohmer + Stimpfig

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