Results of the 16th international exhibition WORLD OF GLASS 2014

A major event for the glass industry has become the 16th International Exhibition of Glass, technologies and equipment for the manufacture and processing of glass - "Glass World 2014", held from 4 to 6 June 2014 in "Expocentre".

This year, the project was implemented jointly by Expocentre with a new partner - the National Joint Council of the glass industry "StekloSouz" .According to Deputy General Director of ZAO "Expocentre" Michael Tolkacheva , "Expocentre and chief union industry joined forces whose purpose - exhibition ways to help the development of the glass industry in Russia." Parade was held under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

For its part, the president of "StekloSouz" Osipov said: "Our job as a federal industrial organization - to provide full support to the project" World of Glass "that he developed, grew his authority. We will strive to make the exhibition "World of Glass" one of the best in Europe, and perhaps in the world. "

"The motto of the exhibition -" All of the glass and all glass ", ie we strive to make the project was presented harmoniously all that relates to the glass industry, "- said the president" StekloSouz. " He believes that "creative association" "StekloSouz" with ZAO "Expocentre" will serve as the dynamic development of the glass industry, increased demand for all kinds of machinery, one way or another concerning the glass industry.


Exhibition this year will cover the entire spectrum of glass production, demonstrating the extraordinary possibilities of this material. At the exhibition area 5095 square meters. m Net 221 companies from 22 countries , including 79 national exhibitors, presented innovative ideas and technology in the glass industry.

The exhibition was attended by well-known foreign and domestic companies: Von Ardenne, Bottero, Sisecam, RHI Glas GmbH, Lahti Precision OY, GLASTON, BDF Industries SPA, Italcarrelli, Landglass Technology, Saint-Gobain Sefpro, Domanovsky Production and Trade Plant, Zippe, « Salavatsteklo "," Saratovstroisteklo "Kami," Utah "," measure "," Adem "," Brinolli "," RuSayl "and many others.

Italy organized a national exhibition involving 30 companies, including such as: Alu Pro srl, Antonini srl, Bottero spa, Gimav-Italian Association of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessory Suppliers, Ocmi-Otg spa and others.

In 2014, Italian companies have set for themselves several important strategic objectives, including the development of construction and production of medical packaging. For them, the exhibition "World of Glass" has a special meaning, because they believe Russia is strategically important market.

Official partners of the exhibition by the Association "CAMI" and JSC "Quartz" .

A number of leading players in the market presented their latest innovations and developments for the first time it is within the "World of Glass".

Association "CAMI" introduced the latest technology from the world's leading manufacturer of equipment for glass processing - Italian company Bottero. Bottero machines designed for grinding bevels glass after cutting, improving the quality in the production of glass and further heat treatment.

Great interest among the specialists called innovative product in the production of laminated glass - a film from the company REVA UTAH.

High quality from the company REVA RCN - a revolutionary solution for the production of safety glass - triplex. It is distinguished by a long service life, perfect clarity and baked at high temperatures to achieve a high level of transparency.

Another exhibitor - Leybold Optics company introduced advanced technology and equipment for the application of multifunctional coatings for architectural glass, screens and monitors packaging films, reflectors of all types of optical components for high-precision devices, touch screens, security systems and other high-tech products.

Company Glaspo - one of the leading and fastest growing companies in the glass industry in Poland - showed developments in the field of flat, tempered, curved, laminated automotive glass and some other popular destinations. The company first took part in the exhibition "World of Glass", held a presentation, scientific and technical seminar on new technology n'glass «Technology of glass production and n'glass hydrophobic coating."

The exhibition "The World of Glass 2014" paint manufacturer of water-based company "Palina Coatings" introduced two new product line of paints on glass PaliGlass: paint for decorating glass containers and paint roller for application on flat glass. A large number of samples stained glass containers, bottles, glass sheet showed the decorative possibilities of paints and varnishes for glass manufacturer "Palina Coatings."

At the booth of Saint-Gobain Sefpro attention of experts were invited to container glass, plasma panels, laminated glass, Float-glass enamels, insulating fiber and more.

The main element of Grenzebach become energy efficient glass used in the construction of commercial and residential real estate. This glass coated thin film layer, controlling the flow of solar energy passing through the finished window or facade element. Company Grenzebach, the leader in creating lines for the production of cold area of ​​flat glass in 2014 commissioned a prototype installation for applying PVD-coating.

As part of a special exhibition - Salon ArtGlass visitors could see the diverse and unusual possibilities of glass, the most unexpected creative ideas in the field of interior decoration. Famous artists by stained glass, painted glass, fusing, lempvorku presented their work and demonstrated a variety of techniques for working with art glass. Masters, uses as different woods, copper and bronze ArtStudio MalinoDesign, presented copyrights home furnishings and decor, original pieces of furniture, custom fixtures for the home and garden and much more.

The exhibition "World of Glass 2014" 6780 people attended, 94% of which - industry experts.

Saturated business program allowed participants to discuss and decide on future industry development.

The key event of the business program of the exhibition "World of Glass 2014" became an international forum "Glass and modern technology-XXI».

The Forum also hosted a round table on "Major trends in production and consumption of counterfeit products in the glass industry."

At the round table, Victor Osipov, president of "StekloSouz" spoke about the negative impact on the supply of counterfeit products on the market and implications for human health, the economy and the image of Russia. There were speeches on the theme: "The fight against counterfeit products as a condition for the survival of the Russian industry"; "Problems of the exports and imports of glass products using the trademark"; "Counterfeit glass - window counterfeit - counterfeit building. Security problems "and others.

Prospects of development of Russian glass market were discussed at an international scientific conference "Problems of quality raw materials for glass industry enterprises."

President "StekloSouz" Osipov assessed the prospects of development of Russian glass market until 2020. The conference featured forecasts, according to which, the domestic glass industry in 2020 will be the export-oriented.

At the plenary sessions included reports leaders "CRI GEOLNERUD", OJSC "Industry operator for Waste Management", JSC "Salavatsteklo" TC "Glass containers and utensils", LLC "Glass Recycling Company" MUCTR. DI Mendeleev, LLC "PROFGLASSDIZAYN" ZAO NPC "Glass Gas", PJSC "Crimean Soda Plant", OJSC "Saratov Institute of Glass" and other companies and businesses.

JSC "Saratovstroisteklo" organized a seminar "Energy efficient architectural glass."

ICC "Empire" and ZAO "Expocentre" spent VIII Forum of Directors "Furniture as business." More than 200 delegates came from 50 cities to learn the latest trends in the Russian furniture market, and get recommendations from authoritative leaders of enterprises, feels confident in the current challenging environment.

Forum program included plenary session "Russian furniture business: keep blow", 6 master classes from high professionals and renowned experts in the industry, as well as round table "Effective interaction facades of glass and furniture manufacturers' suppliers glass fittings, as this time the forum was held on the exhibition "World of Glass".

Participated in the Forum of "IKEA", "Ronikon», Hoff, «möbel & zeit», «Lapis", "Formula sofa", "Angstrom", "Felix", "March 8», Zetta, «Ormatek", "Three Pillars" etc.

The exhibition "The World of Glass 2014" master classes Catherine Bogacheva "Furniture Store: technology to maximize sales," "Kids' store: technology to maximize sales," as well as a workshop Tatyana Sorokina "Building a successful distribution network in the region."

Next 17th international exhibition "World of Glass-2015" will be held from 8 to 11 June 2015 in "Expocentre".

600450 Results of the 16th international exhibition WORLD OF GLASS 2014

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