PRIVASTAR®, new “Intelligent” glass from Formator

Ordinary glass allows you to see, but also to be seen. However, you may sometimes prefer not to be exposed to the curious gaze.

PRIVASTAR®, the new “intelligent” glass from Formator achieves this possibility at the simple pressing of a button.The unique technology of this product allows transparent glass to become white and translucent at any moment, in just a fraction of a second!The secret to this product lies in the thin film of liquid crystal laminated between two glass panes, which makes this glass a safety glass as well.An electric impulse directs the flow of the liquid crystal in a fraction of a second, which makes the glass transparent.When the glass is not under voltage, the chaotic movement of the crystals causes diffusion of the light that penetrates through the glass, making the glass translucent.

There is wide potential usage for this product in everyday life. Partition walls in conference rooms, shop windows, projection surfaces, info desks, theatre coulisses, museum showcases and many more practical uses allow you to adapt the space precisely to your needs. 

PRIVASTAR ® from the Formator Company is the complete system solution, meaning that in addition to the glass, there is also a completely compatible transformer, silicon and electric cables in the kit, i.e. everything that is necessary for PRIVASTAR ® to function perfectly.

The standard thicknesses of this glass are 7, 9, 11, 12 and 14 mm. The minimum dimensions of the glass are 200x300 mm, while the maximum dimensions produced are 1000x2800 mm, or 940x3000 mm. 

In addition to clear float glass, extra clear SGG DIAMANT® glass or glass coloured grey, green or bronze colour such as SGG PARSOL® may also be used as the basis for the production of PRIVASTAR ® .

Do not hesitate to ask Formator for more information about this product and details of mounting it, as well as for a free copy of the brochure.

600450 PRIVASTAR®, new “Intelligent” glass from Formator

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