NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland

NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland
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All pieces of glass needed by the “Tomorrowland” park are produced by NorthGlass.

As the first Disneyland Park opened in China Mainland, Shanghai Disneyland was grandly opened in June, 2016, in which there are the globally largest Disney Castle-- Enchanted Storybook Castle and peculiar, unforgettable six theme parks—Mickey Avenue, Garden of Imagination, Fantasyland, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove and Tomorrow Land.

Among all these entertainments, a wonderful combination of fantasies and future discovery is “Tomorrowland”.

NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland

In “Tomorrow Land”, a future vision portrayed in Disney film "TRON: Legacy" is vividly revealed.

“The dome structure is blended with Chinese calligraphy and garden art; the streamline ribbon edge is inspired by calligraphy strokes, the shape of which is like tale scale of the dragon. When the varicolored lights are shining at night, the dome is like a lantern.” said Scot Drake, the Executive Creative Director of “Tomorrowland”.

NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland

Under the “lantern”, when tourists are riding two-wheel TRON Lightcycle Power Runs and dashing forward into a fantasy atmosphere added by colorful lights, projection and sound effect, the pulses from these Power Runs will penetrate outside from the dome, the gorgeous blue-green light beams of which will be shining on the dome in splendid colors.

Such design with great originality asks for every detail to be as perfect as possible, and glass part is one of these important details. For all pieces of glass needed by the whole “Tomorrowland” park, they are all produced by NorthGlass.

NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland

Mrs. Chen Chunlan, general manager of Shanghai Glass Business Unit of NorthGlass, introduced that these pieces of glass are massively customized for passageway railings to connect different areas in the whole park and other special locations.

In order to make the façade of every single building in the park look uniquely charming, the designer creatively attempt to use glass of free-form surfaces.

Each piece of glass of special shape for every single building as well as those pieces of glass of different shapes attached to the corrugated passageway railings thereby challenged NorthGlass to piece together the whole pattern with all kinds of irregular glass.

NorthGlass also enameled the glass with two-color block-printing technology to be in perfect harmony with the gorgeously colorful light beams.   

NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland

No matter the glass samples or finished glass products produced by NorthGlass, they are all practically perfect: spotless surface, glass gap in the railings less than 6mm,size tolerance of all irregular glass within ±0.5mm.

According to national standard, the size tolerance of safety glass for architecture use can be no more than 3mm, the layer tolerance of laminated glass can also be no more than 3mm.

NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland

While for irregular glass, the limit is not that strict. What the whole Shanghai Disneyland park proudly shows to the world is the craftsman spirit of Chinese builders, the extreme pursuit of quality and the great care of every detail.

600450 NorthGlass Crafts Glass for Shanghai Disneyland

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