Nitto Denko Corp. : Nitto Denko develops new energy-saving window film

Date: 18 October 2011
Japan's leading diversified materials manufacturer Nitto Denko Corporation developed a novel transparent window film featuring the industry's highest-level thermal insulation along with solar heat rejection, which allows users to achieve energy savings year-round, the company announced today.

When applied to glass windows, this film product rejects approximately 40% of solar heat as well as 99% of UV, so that cooling load would be greatly reduced in summer. Moreover, the product’s unique feature is that it can reduce heat flow through windows by approximately 35% and help maintain indoor warmth during winter. The product can be used for windows of residential homes and office buildings, in addition to display chillers and transportation vehicle windows. The company will engage in product test marketing in the first half of fiscal year (FY) 2012, which will lead to an official product debut in the latter half of the year.

The product prototype will be showcased in the 12th Western China International Fair 2011(*), a decade-old and one of the greatest multinational gatherings in the region. In recent years it has attracted some 600,000 visitors per year. , The fair will be held on October 18-22 at the New International Convention & Exposition Center, Chengdu, China (booth location: A 306, Hall 3).

(*) Related news release: Nitto Denko participates in the 12th Western China International Fair 2011 (

Background of the development

Most energy-saving window films are effective during the hot summer season, since they mainly focus on solar heat reduction. However, in recent years, renovation of existing houses and buildings has been popular to achieve year-round thermal insulation capacity for energy savings, in line with society's increasing demands for CO2 reduction. With its excellent heat insulation and solar heat reduction features, this latest development of Nitto Denko offers one of the best solutions to reduce unfavorable heat flow through windows, one of the key causes of energy loss, and saves energy through a whole year.

Solar control films in general are often said to increase heating load during winter because of reduced solar heat-gain, while their thermal insulation capacity for keeping indoor warmth remains low at the 0-10% level. Nitto Denko's novel development can significantly reinforce thermal insulation properties of windowpanes and reduces heat flow from inside a heated room to outdoor by approximately 35%. The film retains over-70% transparency, which secures visibility and good sunlight, so that indoor lighting conditions will be little affected.

Features of the development

  1. Transparency: the film lets through more than 70% of visible light, so that it won't negatively affect indoor lighting and visibility.
  2. Thermal insulation: the product shows the industry's top-level thermal insulation performance among the various transparent window film products currently available. Effective reflection of far-infrared rays suppresses heat flow through windows by approximately 35% to help maintain warmth during winter.
  3. Solar heat reduction: the product rejects approximately 40% of solar heat, which improves cooling efficiency during the hot summer season.
  4. Scratch resistance: the product is rub-proof and not easily damaged by wiping.

The product’s strong point in renovation for thermal insulation

(In case of thermally insulating single pane glass window)

  1. Lightweight: in contrast with renovating with a double-pane window, application of Nitto's film is a lightweight alternative for improving thermal insulation.
  2. Hassle-free construction: thermal insulation property can be added to the existing windows by simply applying Nitto's film on them, which is much easier than the conventional renovation procedures.

Marketing schedule

Product launch: Planned to be in the latter half of fiscal year 2012

Applications: Glass windows of residential homes and office buildings, display chillers, transportation vehicle windows, etc.

Sales target: 100 million yen for FY2012 and 1,500 million yen for FY 2015

Nitto Denko group pursues technological development targeting new business creation in the environment and renewable energy-related domains. We will contribute to global environmental conservation and more efficient use of energy and other resources through our innovative enterprise activities.

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