New Product, New Application, New Market - Introducing Switchable Projection Window

As reported by ResearchAndMarket, world’s largest market research resource, Scienstry is listed as a major LCD film supplier and player in smart glass and window projection fields.    Click here to see report.

Actually, Scienstry is a sole supplier who can cover all applications of smart glass and window projection, and a sole supplier for all outdoor applications in automotive, rail, aviation and marine fields. With continual research and development, we constantly add new products into the markets. Here once again, we are excited to announce and introduce a newly invented product, Switchable Projection Window (SPW). It can virtually turn any window into a TV screen, click here to watch video or read newsletter. This important application is first time for a window to have 12 functions and turns a luxury smart glass into a building material. SPW is very useful for home theaters, homes, offices, schools and stores. If 1% houses in USA use SPW, that is billion dollars market, even greater if including public uses in stores, schools, hospitals, companies, malls, airports and buildings. There are similar markets in other countries too. In order to efficiently utilize such large markets, we invite all interested companies to actively cooperate in all different levels, from material supply to production, from marketing to sales, from strategically planning to investment.

This new application is benefited with high quality of new (3rd) generation of liquid crystal film. 3G Switchable Film is only high performance film in the markets and characterized by eight unbeatable features:

1. Best optical properties

2. Low driving voltage

3. Highest stability for moisture, heat and UV

4. All weather applications from -30 °C to 80 °C from indoor to outdoor

5. Both front and rear projections

6. Super diffusion

7. Great energy saving

8. Longest lifetime

For over two decades, applications of first (1G) and second (2G) generations of liquid crystal films are greatly limited by their instabilities for moisture, temperature and UV. Old LC films can be only used in glass laminated form with all sealed edges. Old smart glass can work in only indoor and air-conditioned room, but cannot be used on windows facing to a street. Both film and glass cannot be used for front projection. 3G Switchable Film let us to enter a new stage of using LC film and smart glass. With 3G new features, we have many new applications and much greater new markets, such as window facing to a street, glass building wall, ceiling glass, both front and rear projections, switchable projection window, storefront projection, bill board, entire building advertising, touch screen, windows on car, train, airplane and yacht.

With enlarged production, price gap between 3G Switchable Film and older generations of LC films is continually reduced. Although current prices of 3G Switchable Film may be still slightly higher than other LC films, the small difference is absolutely worth for so many great features, so broad applications, so low defect (near zero) and so long lifetime. Scienstry appreciates all vendors and customers’ supports and is happy to see our successful cooperation, and wishes more customers to join us. With 3G Switchable Film, you can truly feel yourself very powerful to handle all kinds of applications.

Here are some links showing special features.

Same brightness at any angle:

Turn a window into TV screen in a minute:

While other LC films are sensitive for moisture, 3G Switchable Film is totally water-proof and has been tested underwater for 6 months without any change.

Unique underwater projection with 3G Switchable Film without any edge protection:

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600450 New Product, New Application, New Market - Introducing Switchable Projection Window

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