Kommerling UK extends distributor agreement with Albert Jagger

Kommerling UK extends distributor agreement with Albert Jagger
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New distributor agreement for Weld Mount products will help UK marine market to benefit from the latest in bonding technology.

Kommerling UK has announced the appointment of Albert Jagger as distributor for the Weld Mount range of bonding and sealant products, ideal for the marine market.

The heart of the Weld Mount System is its acrylic adhesives which have been specifically formulated to be used with other products from the range. They are high strength/high viscosity methacrylate’s with incredible strength in both tensile and in shear.

Ian Little, Business Manager, Kommerling UK, said; "The UK luxury yacht market now has a far better understanding of and confidence in the benefits and performance gains when using a bonding agent compared to more traditional, mechanical methods. Surface bonding eliminates drilling holes into the core which eliminates the danger of delamination due to water intrusion. In addition, Weld Mount fasteners are stronger and eradicate the need to glass in wood or other materials just to have a mounting surface. This saves significant labour, time and expense and reduces the weight of the vessel. Often welding is not a viable alternative due to fire hazards and it may also result in warpage and discoloration of the metal, which can be difficult if not impossible to remove."

"We're genuinely pleased to be offered the distribution rights for the Weld Mount range of fasteners as this presents a fantastic opportunity to further broaden our product offering into the marine and boat building sectors," commented Mark Lewis, marketing manager at Albert Jagger.

"With Kommerling's innovative manufacturing expertise and Albert Jagger's outstanding service capabilities and strong distribution network, we're in a fantastic position to strengthen the brand presence across the UK."

Weld Mount offers a comprehensive range of different adhesives and ancillary products depending upon the application requirements, but the two most popular are:

  • AT-2010 is a unique adhesive in the context of the number of materials it will bond. It has high viscosity and will hold smaller parts without sagging. Heavier parts may require AT-690 fixture dots to hold parts in place while the adhesive sticks. AT-2010 cures in 5 - 6 minutes, has a 4-minute working time and develops working strength in 15 - 20 minutes. This makes AT-2010 the ideal adhesive for applications which require an immediate high strength bond. AT2010 has a 6-month shelf life when stored at 22ºC. It is recommended that where ever possible this adhesive be refrigerated. Packaged in a 50-ml cartridge, it can be mixed by hand or by using a Köratool PM 207 dispensing gun and mixing tips. The 50-ml cartridge will bond 150 – 200 parts
  • Weld Mount AT-8040 is a solvent free, VOC Compliant, two-part methacrylate-based, structural adhesive formulated to bond metals that will be subject to severe environmental conditions. It will also bond engineered thermo- and thermosetting plastics, composites to metals or various substrate combinations. It has excellent adhesion to metal surfaces including aluminum, galvanized steel, plated steels and stainless steel. AT-8040 forms a tough, high strength bond, usually with minimal surface preparation developing handling strength in 12 minutes and a functional cure within 45 minutes. Ultimate strength exceeds 3500 psi of tensile shear strength on aluminum with remarkable impact and peel strengths. AT-8040 will hold all Weld Mount parts on a vertical or overhead surface without sagging when properly used.



As an authorised distributor, Albert Jagger has established a close working relationship with Kommerling to offer the highly-regarded UK boat building industry not only a range of high quality sealants and adhesives but also the comprehensive technical support services that this industry demands.

With over 125 years of experience of working within other transport sectors, Albert Jagger is in a unique position to transfer knowledge and skill sets gained from supplying OEM’s within the bus, truck, rail and aerospace industries, into the marine markets as they share many of the same challenges and constraints:

  • Reducing weight and build times
  • Increasing strength and rigidity
  • Damping of vibration and noise
  • Improving fuel efficiency and performance
  • Optimised chemical performance

For more information visit the website: https://www.albert-jagger.co.uk

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