The key role of TRIGLASS® profiles in façade renovation

 The key role of TRIGLASS® profiles in façade renovation
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In 2019 TOP GLASS has supplied brise-soleil TRIGLASS® profiles used in the retrofitting of the façade of Guynemer building, at Issy Les Moulineaux, a suburban area of Paris.

The retrofitting project has been commissioned by the Group Goyer, in collaboration with the architectural company Arte Charpentier, our French agent Solutions Composites and the society Meca. Particularly, Meca has studied the structural behavior of the brise-soleil elements.

The architectural renovation was carried out on a building of 45700 m2. Both on the internal parts and on the façades that were completely renewed with the brise-soleil system. These architectural elements allow to protect from solar radiation the glass surfaces, and avoid the overheating in summer.

Furthermore, the particular geometry and the dimensions of the brise-soleil profiles also generate a rhythmic design. In this way, the façade becomes “lively” and has a significant impact on the urban environment all around.



TOP GLASS has produced glass fiber pultruded TRIGLASS® profiles forming the brise-soleil.

Not only, we have processed also all the pieces in order to guarantee the correct assembly at the construction site.

Certainly, the project has been surely a great challenge for our team. There were indeed about 750 profiles that present three different geometry and different length for each profiles, ranging from 0.5 m to 13 m.

After the production phase, each profile was cut at the correct length. Lastly, special aluminum elements were fixed to allow the connection between the brise-soleil and the structure of the building façade.

In our lab an extensive experimental campaign was performed. The mechanical properties of pultruded profile were checked. Furthermore, the adhesion between the profile and the aluminum connection element was investigated with pull-out and shear tests.



Thanks to the work of all the organization involved, this special brise-soleil system has obtained the ATEx approval by the French national organization CSTB (Scientific and Technical Center for Building).

The CSTB confirmed the safety of the structural system, the feasibility guarantee by the internal quality control procedures of TOP GLASS, and the durability of the profiles during the time.



Our long experience in the production and processing of pultruded profiles has played an important and key role to obtain a very satisfactory end result. Additionally, the use of GFRP material in the project was a winning choice thanks to its countless benefits.

  • Weightless
  • Durability to external agents
  • Resistance to temperature changes
  • Low thermal expansion
  • No need for maintenance
  • High mechanical properties
  • Possibility of connection with other structural elements with gluing or drilling.

The key role of TRIGLASS® profiles in façade renovation

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