Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park Unveiled

Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park Unveiled
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Jocelyn Prothro

Date: 14 June 2017

New lifestyle attraction to feature world-class play attractions and gardens in air-conditioned comfort.

Travellers and local residents can soon look forward to a refreshing line-up of unique lifestyle offerings at Canopy Park, located at the topmost level of Jewel Changi Airport (Jewel).

At approximately 14,000 square metres (sqm), (equivalent to the size of 11 Olympic-size swimming pools), Canopy Park will feature unique offerings such as play attractions, gardens, walking trails, and dining outlets.

Designed to be a world-class, lifestyle leisure attraction, Canopy Park promises a gamut of experiences for visitors to Jewel and travellers at Changi Airport.

Jewel Changi Airport’s Canopy Park Unveiled
Jocelyn Prothro


First-of-its-kind play attractions

Three iconic play attractions - Sky Nets, Canopy Mazes and Discovery Slides will take pride of place at Canopy Park and provide an element of interactivity to the overall offerings at Canopy Park.

Designed by world-renowned consultants from Britain, France, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands, the play attractions at Canopy Park offer a unique proposition not found anywhere else. 

Visitors will be able to bounce, roam, and slide to their hearts’ content at these timeless attractions, specially designed for Jewel’s unique indoor garden environment. 

Outdoor dining with a difference
Jocelyn Prothro

Each of these play attractions have embraced timeless elements of play which are specifically designed to blend into Canopy Park’s lush greenery.  Housed within Jewel’s distinctive facade, visitors and travellers can experience these play attractions under all weather conditions.

  1. The Sky Nets play attraction is customised specially for Jewel. It combines two concepts - a bouncing and walking net in a single play attraction. This play attraction is a world’s first created on such a scale in an indoor environment. The highlight of Sky Nets will be the thrill of walking over a void and looking down 25 metres (m) to Jewel’s level 1. 
  2. Jewel’s Canopy Mazes comprises two different maze concepts that provide a twist to the traditional mazes. The hedge maze has an elevated watch tower that offers visitors with a bird’s eye view of the maze. The second maze has mirror design elements, where visitors will encounter challenges at every turn as they attempt to orientate themselves out of the maze. This mirror maze will be the first-of-its-kind to be built in a garden environment.
  3. The Discovery Slides is specially designed to be both a magnificent art sculpture as well as a playground for enjoyment. This play attraction has a 4-slides-in-1 sculptural playscape harmonised in a garden environment where adults and children alike can experience various type of slides like none other. The sculpture is also specially created so that observers can join in the element of fun and interactivity, while also having the opportunity to stand atop an 8m high platform that overlooks the Forest Valley and enjoy a spectacular view of the lush greenery.  

In addition to the three main play attractions, open areas will also allow young children to wander amidst the greenery in the park.

One of such specially created areas, also known as Foggy Bowls, will have four gentle concave bowls with depths ranging from 30 to 65cm with an element of mist to create the experience of playing amongst clouds. In Jewel, the wonders of nature are brought indoors for everyone’s enjoyment.

Rounding up the list of attractions at Canopy Park is the 50m long Canopy Bridge, where visitors will have an excellent vantage point to enjoy the breathtaking 40m high Rain Vortex.

Adding to the thrill factor, the Canopy Bridge which suspends 23m above ground, will have glass panel flooring in the centre portion of the bridge for visitors to look right through to level 1 of Jewel.

Please refer to the Annex for more information about the play attractions.


Gardens Galore

In line with Singapore’s reputation as a City in a Garden, and Changi Airport’s reputation for its gardens and greenery, Jewel will house one of the largest indoor collections of plants in Singapore – with about 22,000sqm of space dedicated to landscaping throughout the complex[1].  

About half of the total landscaping and greenery in Jewel will be housed at Canopy Park, which boasts over 1,400 trees and palms.

Part of the lush offerings will also comprise two specially created gardens – the Topiary Walk and Petal Garden. Nestled amongst winding walkways, the Topiary Walk will surprise visitors with its animal-shaped topiaries at the turn of every corner, while the Petal Garden will have seasonal floral displays, adding to the overall lush environment of Canopy Park.

Sky Nets
Jocelyn Prothro


“Singapore Meets the World, and the World Meets Singapore”

“When we conceptualised Canopy Park, we envisaged an area that is not only relaxing because of the lush greenery around, but also one that is filled with timeless activities and interactions for visitors of all ages. It is our vision to pitch Jewel at the highest level and to position it as a world-class attraction for Changi Airport and Singapore.

Canopy Park is designed with this objective in mind, and we want to create a place that will attract visitors from all over the world. Changi Airport also holds a special place in the hearts of Singaporeans, and we believe that the unique offerings at Jewel will offer them added reason to revel in the Changi Airport experience and join us in hosting the world.

“To capture tourism mindshare amongst international travellers, and elevate the Changi Experience, Jewel’s unique offerings including Canopy Park, Forest Valley and the Rain Vortex, will be a place where “Singapore meets the World, and the World meets Singapore”, right at the doorstep of Singapore Changi Airport, one of the most acclaimed icons in the world,” said Ms Hung Jean, Chief Executive Officer of Jewel Changi Airport Devt.

Jewel is scheduled to be opened in early 2019.


[1] Comparable to the combined space of the two indoor Conservatories at Gardens by the Bay.


For images and more information about Jewel Changi Airport and the Canopy Park play attractions, click here:

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