Guardian Glass Project: Hospital Quirónsalud

Hospital Quirónsalud
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©Jorge Allende
Designed by Enero Arqitectura, the Hospital Quirónsalud Córdoba in Spain is a unique, modern piece of architecture that represents “the hospital of the future”.

The hospital is a leader of the Andalusian private healthcare system in terms of technology, comfort and hotel services for both the patient and the professionals who provide their services within it.

Hospital Quirónsalud
©Jorge Allende

The building itself gives great prominence to light, which is filtered through a latticework of aluminium and glass that covers the façade. The lattice is bronze and gold coloured, whose shades change depending on the inclination of the sun.

Hospital Quirónsalud
©Jorge Allende

The glass for the façade was carefully chosen to match the latticework colours and shades. Guardian SunGuard® High Performance (HP) Amber 41/29 was selected for its combination of aesthetic and performance qualities. The coated solar control glass has a light bronze appearance combined with very good thermal insulation.

Hospital Quirónsalud
©Jorge Allende

The multi-functional coating has a very uniform, homogeneous appearance and a low U value of 1.1 in double-glazing and 0.7 in triple glazing, which shall help in providing exceptional control over the temperature inside the building, keeping patients and staff comfortable all year round.

Hospital Quirónsalud
©Jorge Allende


CITY: Córdoba

ARCHITECT: Enero Arquitectura

PRODUCT: SunGuard® HP Amber 41/29

Hospital Quirónsalud
©Jorge Allende
600450 Guardian Glass Project: Hospital Quirónsalud

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