Glazing with Solar Control Glass

Saint-Gobain Glass at Alembic, Baroda
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The Alembic is not just a key landmark in Baroda with even the road named after it, it is among India’s best known pharmaceutical companies.

Alembic’s presence in Baroda is marked by its Corporate & Regd. Office, a manufacturing facility and the Alembic Research Centre. Solar Control Glass facades are an integral part of the architecture at Alembic.

Besides pharmaceuticals, the company has diverse  business verticals and has interests in Education as well. Its range of branded glassware ‘Yera’ is hugely popular. Alembic Global Holding SA is the 100% subsidiary of the flagship company, Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited.

The Alembic has been designed by well-known architect, Yashwant Mistry, whose architectural gene is as much ingrained as it is inherited. A staunch believer in the timelessness of architecture, his use of solar control glass at the Alembic is evidence to his architectural philosophy. Saint-Gobain’s SGG COOL-LITE ST 108 was used in the project for glazing the facades.

SGG COOL-LITE is an advanced version of an energy-efficient solar control glass. It is an exterior glass that is manufactured to meet the most exacting standards to deliver high performance with ease in processing. SGG COOL-LITE Platinum (ST 108) was chosen for the Alembic as a double-glazing solution for its facades.

At the Alembic, SGG COOL-LITE did the job of cutting down the excess heat and also optimized the transmission of light. As a solar control glass, it helped to keep the interiors cooler and therefore enabled reduction in the cost of air-conditioning. By allowing natural daylight, it also decreased the cost of artificial lighting.

Solar control glass is the need of the hour, especially in tropical climes that dominate most regions in our country. By going in for SGG COOL-LITE, the architect has made a sensible and environmentally-sensitive decision, one that impacts not just today but leaves behind a piece of timeless architecture for tomorrow.  

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