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Saint-Gobain Glass at Infosys SDB-5, Chennai
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The Infosys campuses, both in India and abroad, have always been talked about for their innate style of architecture.

What has been more significant, is its holistic commitment towards incorporating sustainable practices in its architectural design. With the largest building area that is LEED Platinum certified (office space category) and the second highest LEED Platinum awards for a corporate under its belt, Infosys remains a benchmark for companies aspiring to go green. 

In all of its projects, glazing for SDBs has been a key parameter in creating energy-efficient buildings. The Infosys SDB-5, Chennai, is a pivotal case in point, reiterating the corporate’s unstinted endeavours to ‘Building Tomorrow’s Enterprise today’.

Although headquartered in Bangalore, Infosys has its largest DC in Chennai, with office space spread over 219,535 sq. ft. and capable of accommodating 40,000 employees.

The campus, located at the Mahindra World City SEZ near Chengalpet, has over 20 software development buildings, a food court, an auditorium, sports facilities and employee care centres; The other campus is situated at Sholinganallur. What is common between them, is the trademark commitment to creating sustainable models, with the thrust on intelligent glazing for its office buildings.

The Infosys SDB-5 is a work of art, no doubt, designed by Hafeez Contractor and developed by Sobha Developers, at the forefront of the country’s burgeoning real estate development. Arguably one of India’s best international architects, Hafeez dons the mantle of designing the SDB-5 of Infosys, Chennai.

This follows his earlier architectural stints at Infy, across India and the globe, each bearing his unmistakable style of elegance in all its elements. To meet the exacting standards that glazing for SDBs demands, the developers deployed solutions from Saint-Gobain Glass for this project as well.

SGG COOL-LITE ST 120 was chosen for glazing SDB-5 of Infosys at Chennai. It is an advanced energy-efficient solar control glass, manufactured by depositing multiple layers of metallic nitrides onto clear or body-tinted float glass. Ideal for exterior glazing applications, SGG COOL-LITE has been specifically designed for tropical countries like India.

By cutting excess heat and optimizing light transmission, it helped to keep the interiors of Infy SDB-5 cooler during daytime and hence contributing to reduced electricity bills on account of lesser air-conditioning costs. Of course, the entry of natural daylight and glare reduction that was made possible by COOL-LITE also negated the need for artificial lighting.

Glazing does make the first impression for any office building. From the looks of it, glass definitely takes all the credit for an impressive facade. However beyond the glossy glamour, there is strength that may be seemingly unlikely for a delicate material like glass. But then glass is redefining the very characteristics of strength; it is the face of the contemporary building material – bold, beautiful and built to last. Like the SDB-5 of Infosys, Chennai, will testify.    

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