Glassrobots: Innovative and reliable TFA serial windscreen bending furnaces

Glassrobots innovative and reliable TFA serial windscreen bending furnaces have now new family members, the high speed version with 14 and 16 sections (30 and 34 wagons).

Thanks to its innovative transfer and control system the TFA-HST gives best capacity to its size with OEM-quality.
The high speed version TFA-HST has the same proven features and qualities as the earlier members of the TFA furnaces have.The patented FuzzyBendT control system eliminates the effects of changing production mix, heat balance of the furnace, external conditions and variations in the supply voltage. This guarantees excellent repeatability of shape, and that is further enhanced with the Vertically Adjustable Heating Elements (VAHET).
The furnaces are equipped with the Condition Monitoring and Maintenance System (CMMST), a preventive maintenance feature, which minimises the downtime and maximizes the hours of operation.
Glassrobots technicians can comfortably communicate with the process computer via a modem with the remote diagnostic software, the GlassButlerT.
The heaters in the bending section can be provided with division of five instead of three, 5-part Heating Elements.
Temperature Balancing system consisting of one extra pyrometer in the bending section(s) guarantees symmetrical heating. The glass temperature is symmetrically measured and if variations are noted, the control system automatically balances the heating pattern.
Side Heaters complement the heating of the side areas of the glass. The side heaters can also be vertically adjustable.
The new Mirror PatternT (pat. pend.) eliminates the negative effect of thermal inertia from the heating pattern of the previous glass, when running mix production.
The patented Active Heat Recovery System, AHRST, transfers the heat from the lower cooling sections up to the preheating sections. The system lowers the energy consumption by 10-15 %.

600450 Glassrobots: Innovative and reliable TFA serial windscreen bending furnaces

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