Glass and its wonders

Nothing is more mesmerizing than the beauty and shine which is reflected from the glass. A glass has the quality of enhancing the natural lightning and giving the place an illusion of space and depth.

Automatic Sliding Doors, glass cubicles, glass architecture, glass interiors and exteriors and glass furniture is in great demand today.Today architecture is quite different, and to give it a bright contemporary feel rooflites and glass balustrades are chosen.They are extremely versatile and can fix in any type of setting adding an additional touch of elegance to the architecture along with increasing natural light and providing a bright and active environment.

Impala glass is a leading glass manufacturing company; in the past few years it has seen an increase in Glass Balustrades in Nairobi/ Kenya. The company produces a wide variety of glass balustrades for various staircase structures. After being designed, they are attached with Quality glass fittings in Nairobi/ Kenya by Impala glass.

The latest trend of Rooflites in Kenya/ Nairobi is emerging and modern designs have incorporated different styles of rooflites in their designs. These rooflites create a positive feel by allowing the natural light to penetrate inside the building along with providing natural ventilation. Impala glass takes great care and uses good quality strong glass while manufacturing both Glass Balustrades and Rooflites. Both have their own benefits and have won customer preferences.

Glass balustrades

Imagine a scene when you are sitting in one of the most exotic locations of the world to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and some wooden or steel balustrade is blocking your way. Won't you wish to change it with glass balustrade and enjoy your time. Impala glass has a lot of options for you to choose from. Glass Balustrades in Nairobi/ Kenya are build with high quality glass which is extremely durable and safe.

Glass balustrades have a lot of benefits;

  • They make the staircase bright and light can easily enter inside creating an open and airy feeling. 
  • At times the glass balustrade is positioned in the way that it gives additional space and depth to the place. 
  • Glass is an extremely versatile material and can easily be incorporated with other materials to enhance the design and beauty of the balustrades. 
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.




We have been looking at many rooflites in different types of architectures and they have been preferred by many people. The bright light entering the interior of the place gives it a completely fresh, energetic and bright look. Rooflites Kenya/ Nairobi are in great demand and in the past few years Impala glass has created few of the best rooflites for both residential and commercial places.

Impala glass has laid special emphasis on using a safe and secure glass which is tough and strong. In order to increase the safety, these rooflites come with detectors which automatically slide the doors in case needed. Even concealed mechanisms are designed in commercial places to stop intruders entry in the premises. In case of rain they can be closed.


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