First! Wicona using recycled polyamide for thermal break

Sapa’s Wicona brand is the first aluminium systems supplier to utilize thermally insulated aluminium profiles with thermal breaks made from recycled polyamide.

The new webbing is standard and at no extra cost in the brand’s range of aluminium façade, window and door systems.Using webbing made from recycled polyamide for thermal insulation reduces the consumption of natural resources and improves the sustainability of the products – and well before this becomes a legal requirement.This solution reduces fossil fuel consumption by 89 percent compared to the conventional polyamide, 6.6.It also cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 84 percent and water consumption by 32 percent.

In fact, the annual saving in CO2 emissions of more than 12,000 metric tons exceeds the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

Further, products that use this webbing for thermal insulation are supplied with an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) from the German fenestration technology institute, ift Rosenheim. Wicona brand customers can thereby benefit from a reduced carbon footprint when ISO Type III declarations or certifications are required, in accordance with sustainability ratings such as LEED or BREEAM.

First to use recycled polyamide for thermal breakNo compromise

The Wicona brand’s initiative improves significantly the sustainability of its products, with absolutely no compromise on performance or quality of finish.

All webbing for thermal insulation that is manufactured from recycled polyamide is tested in accordance with DIN EN 14024 and has the same excellent performance and physical properties of thermal insulation webbing made from polyamide 6.6.

That said, the brand applies strict quality control procedures and requirements for its suppliers of the recycled material. Only high-quality, pure recycled polyamide is used in the manufacture of the thermal insulation webbing.

Polymer blends or mixed recycled materials are deemed to be sub-standard and are avoided.

The supply chain is closely monitored and stringent controls are in place for the full production process. These systems provide customers with reassurance that the quality is equivalent to conventional polyamide 6.6 – and the Wicona brand’s product warranty applies in full to the new insulation webbing.

600450 First! Wicona using recycled polyamide for thermal break
Date: 10 February 2015

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