External Condensation on Energy Rated Windows?

Date: 21 September 2011
Source: http://www.listertf.co.uk
This is a phenomenon most widely seen for short periods during Autumn and Spring. Customers wonder why they get external condensation on their new High Performance Windows which lasts for maybe a few hours and then disappears.

Some installers panic when they get a call from customers saying that they are not happy with this. However this phenomenon is not going to go away. In fact it is a positive selling point for those willing to state the facts about the power of High Performance Energy Saving Windows.

Remember when people first started to have their lofts insulated? Look along any street after a snow fall and you can see all the houses that have loft insulation because their roofs are still covered in snow when others are clear. Why? Because they are better insulated... simple! The Heat that used to escape from the house through the loft and melt the snow is now kept inside the home where you want it to be... so the snow stays longer on the roof, but the home owner gets lower fuel bills!

Now what do you think the Loft Insulation Company would say to the customer who complains about still having snow on their roofs when there isn’t any on their neighbours roof? Or “I never had snow on my roof for this long before!”?

They would kindly point out the reasons why they should be happy because this is proof that the insulation is working.

The same benefits are true with the occasional external condensation on energy efficient windows. Unfortunately, many in the glazing business still don’t explain the reasons and the benefits to customers of this occurring and that it is proof positive that their windows are saving them money.

The only way to remove the occasional condensation (or snow) is to heat it up by letting all the heat from the home escape straight through the glass (roof). Does the customer really want that? If so let’s all go back to single glazing.

Come on industry! Don’t Panic! Explain the benefits!

Mark Warren. www.listertf.co.uk

Renegade Conservatory Guy has a Blog Here: http://renegadeconservatoryguy.co.uk/external-condensation-coming-soon/

See the GGF Publication: Low Emissivity Glass and the Conservation of Fuel and Power.

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