Atofina Chemicals introduced "Solarkote H"

Atoglas of Atofina Chemicals, Inc. introduced Solarkote© H acrylic capstock resin. The new acrylic capstock resin imparts weatherability and enhanced appearance to high-impact polystyrene (HIPS) sheet via co-extrusion.

It represents the latest addition to the Solarkote acrylic resin family of products for capstocks.

According to Don Hone, Atoglas market development manager, a co-extruded Solarkote H cap is an economic alternative to laminated films. "HIPS capped with a thin Solarkote acrylic layer provides an excellent low cost alternative to ASA and capped ABS materials for certain less demanding applications," he says. "Typical applications include tub/shower surrounds, patio furniture, building trim and shutters, lawn and garden equipment, refrigerator liners, decorative panels and signs."

A thin Solarkote H acrylic layer provides protection from ultraviolet light for HIPS substrates without significantly sacrificing the impact performance of the composite sheet. "Greater than 90% of the HIPS initial impact performance remains with the addition of a 5 – 10% Solarkote H cap," says Hone. "A 6 to 12 mil Solarkote layer maintains maximum impact resistance and imparts long lasting appearance to a finished HIPS part. This thin cap layer offers optimum economics and performance and permits rework levels up to 30%," he says.

Co-extruded Solarkote H acrylic cap layers are inherently colorless. The cap layer screens out UV while maintaining high visible light transmission, permitting a high-end "wet" appearance. Solarkote H capstock is readily colored. The transparency of Solarkote H acrylic resin permits full rendition of colorants for a richer, more vibrant appearance than is attainable with conventional cap and film materials.

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