ALPINSUN PRISMA 60 MC-I : New prismatic glass module with DAY4 technology

Date: 20 September 2011
At this year's PVSEC fair in Hamburg (Germany), Alpinengineering presented its latest module, ALPINSUN PRISMA 60 MC-I, with great success.

This product innovation combines the time-tested Saint-Gobain prismatic glass with the performance-enhancing technologies of Day4 Energy:equipped with shade protection and improved cell interconnections, this polycrystalline module yields up to 25 percent more energy output. ALPINSUN PRISMA 60 MC-I is MCS- and PV-CYCLE certified and carries a 10-year product warranty.

The new ALPINSUN module offers many technological innovations alongside the tried and tested qualities of the product series. ALPINSUN PRISMA 60 MC-I's improved shade protection allows users to enjoy a rich energy yield in summer or winter. The key is the flexible cell arrangement of the integrated work-smart technology system developed by Day4 Energy. It uses nine diodes that divide the module into multiple autonomous segments.

If one or more of these zones are thrown into shade by snow, leaves, or trees, the rest continue to function independently and deliver the maximum possible energy yield. This allows efficient and cost-effective exploitation of the unused energy potential of "tricky" roofs with angles or chimneys which are so typical for British homes.

The new product features include the innovative interconnection of solar cells achieved by the patented stay-powerful technology. Over 2,100 independent contact points ensure that the energy generated is conducted away without losses. The result is a module with outstanding power density and consistently higher energy yield under real operating conditions. The bottom line: our combination of technologies fattens users' wallets. The new module delivers up to 25 percent more energy than conventional competitors with the same surface area.

ALPINSUN also has confidence in the technical expertise of Canadian high-quality supplier Day4 Energy when it comes to longevity. The keyword is "live-long technology": a waterproof reverse side composition film with aluminium lamination protects the module from humidity and salt spray - an essential requirement for photovoltaic systems near coasts or in warm climates. At the same time, the high-performance panels stand out thanks to their resistance to harmful gases like ammoniac. This makes them especially suitable for installation on greenhouses and agricultural buildings.

Get More with Prismatic Glass

For its new module, Alpinengineering is once again relying on Saint-Gobain's Securit Albino P special-purpose glass as a guarantee of high energy yields. Its prismatic surface permits incident light to be reused several times: part of the reflected sunlight is directed back into the glass and hits the underlying solar cells again. This is called multiple reflection.

It works like this: the steeper the angle of the incident light, the stronger the prism effect. This feature makes ALPINSUN PRISMA 60 MC-I the ideal module solution for roofs with an east-west orientation. Its performance is up to 20 percent better for light at an angle than conventional solar glass. This also permits better exploitation of weaker sunlight in the morning and evening hours. At the same time, the curvature of the surface structure facilitates run-off of water and dirt and guarantees a reliable energy yield even in bad weather.

Comprehensive Warranty

The uncompromising product quality of the new module manufactured in Holland is complemented by a 10-year product warranty. The performance guarantee lasts for 25 years and is calculated according to the principle of linear digression for extra customer friendliness and flexibility: one year after initial operation, 97 percent of the nominal module capacity is covered; after that, the guaranteed minimum performance falls by 0.71 percent per year.

The particular longevity and security of the module are attested by adherence to the international standards IEC61215 and IEC61730. ALPINSUN PRISMA 60 MC-I is available in four performance classes from 235 W to 250 W and is delivered with a plus sorting. The module is MCS certified and therefore meets the requirements of the British photovoltaics market.

600450 ALPINSUN PRISMA 60 MC-I : New prismatic glass module with DAY4 technology

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