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Sparklike is the developer of world’s first non-destructive argon analyzers for insulating glass windows and doors. Since year 2001, our products have been sold worldwide, and are used daily by world leading insulating glass manufacturers, testing laboratories and window manufacturers.


Sparklike's product line is based on our proprietary and patented technology, which allows the insulating glass manufacturers to measure the concentration of insulating gas inside insulated glazing units — without having to break them, even on triple and double glazed units through coatings and laminations. Non-destructivity allows the customer to deliver tested IG units, test already installed units or perform long term testing to their production.

Target groups

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing, Processing and Finishing
  • Architecture / Construction

Product categories

  • Gas filling machines and gas devices
  • Measurement and control of glass thickness
  • Measurement, control and inspection of gas mixture
  • Measurement, control and inspection of gas-filling levels
  • Measuring devices to be used on site


Sparklike Laser™ product line
Sparklike’s new product line analyzes insulating glass gas concentration on triple and double glazed units. Measurement can be done also through coated and laminated glasses. All Sparklike Laser™ devices are developed and hand-assembled in Finland.
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Sparklike Laser™ product line devices are based on laser technology (TDLAS). Sparklike Laser devices measure oxygen, and therefore the result can be converted to argon and krypton just as well as xenon.

Sparklike Laser product line is a wholesome quality control equipment family which includes:

  1. Laser Standard™, an off-line solution (featured in the image). Watch video
  2. Laser Portable™, integrated into a heavy duty case with wheels and a battery. Watch video
  3. Laser Online™, custom made to fit the production line. Watch animation

Non-stop quality control and inspection on-site 

Sparklike Laser devices make it possible to gain superior quality by measuring more units than ever before. This results to higher quality assurance of products leaving the plant. Furthermore, Sparklike Laser™ opens a whole new world to online argon or gas detection for IG manufacturers, because it’s possible to gain superior quality by measuring more units than ever before. In other words, Sparklike Laser™ can be implemented as part of the production line to control the gas concentration level of every single unit. This, in return, makes sure that the tightening production standards can be met.

Acquiring accumulated quality control data

The intelligent analysis system is running on PC software, and therefore, can be built to work as a part of the production line. It is then possible to measure more insulating glass products and receive up-to-date information on your production – even for extended period of time. 

Sparklike Handheld™
Sparklike Handheld™ enables quick and accurate gas concentration analyses for standard double glazed insulating units.
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Industry standard

Sparklike Handheld™ has become the industry standard for non-invasive argon measurement and used by IG manufacturers, window and door manufacturers, testing laboratories, building quality inspectors and construction consultants worldwide. It’s possible to conduct quick and accurate tests for standard double glazed insulating units, test already installed units for argon concentration or perform long term testing at an insulating glass manufacturing facility. 

Portable and battery operated 

Thanks to its small size, it is easy to get a fast reading of gas concentration – argon or krypton – thus allowing accurate testing and quality contol of standard insulating glass units or IGUs. Sparklike Handheld™'s technology is based on plasma emission spectroscopy. A high voltage spark is launched in the IG units cavity causing a light emission which is observed and analyzed further. The user can simply place the device against the unit, press the button and receive an instant result with high accuracy. Sparklike Handheld™ is a perfect solution for glass industry's tightening production standards delivering quick and accurate quality sampling.