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From basic requirements through to entire, customized installations the Swiss-German company group provides pioneering solutions – naturally, all in the highest quality.

Bystronic glass is an international brand with globally operating companies that support their customers on site and through own sales and service companies.


Maximum performance for our customers

We use our technical expertise to develop products that are better in terms of performance and quality than those of our competitors. We develop a passion for holistic economic solutions. When it comes to performance and quality, we set ambitious objectives that always repeatedly challenge us, constantly motivating ourselves to make changes and improvements.


Finish parent company

As of April 2019, Bystronic glass is a member of Glaston Group (Finland). Together we are committed to providing our clients with both the best know-how and the latest technologies in glass processing, with the purpose of building a better tomorrow through safer, smarter, and more energy efficient glass solutions.

The Glaston Group operates globally with manufacturing, services and sales offices in 12 countries. Glaston’s shares (GLA1V) are listed on NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd.


B’COMFORT - Your entry into the world of I.G. manufacturing
Besides the proven Bystronic glass quality the entry solutions convince with their high productivity, low investment costs, a compact system layout and individual expansion levels.
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Up to 800 gas-filled insulating glass units are created per shift thanks to the excellent productivity of the line. Thanks to the exceptional component quality, the B’COMFORT reliably operates over an extended period of time.


bystronic-washing-machine-b-confortGlass plate washing machine

Glass plate washing machine continually cleans and dries a variety of diverse glass plates sizes and thicknesses

  • Three separate brush-pair drives with alternating brush rotation directions
  • Chainless brush- and transport drives outside of the machine
  • Environmentally beneficial, energy saving water-circuit system by separated washing and rinsing zone


Glass plate inspection

Station for visual glass plate inspection and manual positioning of spacer frames

  • Contrasting, well-lit inspection area for effective and quick glass plate control
  • Automatic swivelling of vertical frame positioning girder
  • Operator guidance by coloured signal-lights


Assembling, gas filling and pressing

Automatic assembling, gas filling and pressing of up to 3-sided stepped double or triple insulating glass units in rectangular or shaped formats

  • Processing of various dimensions and spacer widths in any sequence



Automatic assembling and pressing of up to 4-sided stepped double or triple insulating glass units.

B’SPEED - Produce Triple and Quadruple units with the shortest possible cycle time
The B’SPEED is a quick line for insulating glass production that produces triple and quadruple units in the shortest possible cycle time.
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With the B’SPEED, the work steps are ideally designed for the production of triple and quadruple units and allow the quickest possible cycle times. As a result, the B’SPEED is able to produce triple insulating glass in the same time it takes other lines to produce double units.

Three production steps are decisive regarding quick production of triple insulating glass units:

Application of the spacers

The application of the spacers is performed by two tps’applicator components arranged one after the other. In order to achieve the maximum throughput, the thermoplastic TPS® warm edge spacers are applied to the second and third glass plates of the triple insulating glass units almost simultaneously. This ensures the continuous and quick supply of glass plates with spacers.


Gas-filling of the spaces between the lites

Innovative assembly robot for quick filling and pressing of the units for triple insulating glass production: The speed’assembler is the first unit to simultaneously fill both spaces between the lites with inert gas for triple units. This is beneficial to the cycle time as it reduces the filling time for each unit by half.


Sealing the units

The speed’sealer enables quick and flexible sealing of triple insulating units in two cycles. The dynamic mixer provides a maximum flow rate and so consequently, the highest application speed. This ensures that no equipping times occur to exchange nozzles when producing units with alternating or asymmetric spaces between the lites.

B’VARIO TPS / B’JUMBO TPS - System solutions for insulating glass with thermoplastic spacer TPS®
The B’VARIO TPS and B’JUMBO TPS are individual production solutions for all types of orders providing unique versatility.
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The thermoplastic spacer TPS® is applied directly onto the glass by machine from a single drum as part of the insulating glass production. The width of the spacer can be changed as desired during operation without any time loss. Separate production processes for the sawing, bending, connecting, desiccant filling and butylation are no longer needed, saving both time and money.

  • Eliminates the need to stock different spacer profiles and connectors
  • Suitable spacer is always available
  • No offcut, no dirt, no waste
  • Production mix manufacture on a single line
  • Removes the need to split orders into standards and specials
B’VARIO FLEX / B’JUMBO FLEX - System solutions for insulating glass with flexible spacers
The B’VARIO FLEX and B’JUMBO FLEX are solutions for automatic production of gas-filled and sealed insulating glass units with flexible spacers.
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The flexible spacer is applied directly on to the vertical glass plate. The dynamic drive guarantees an extremely high level of accuracy during this process.

  • Synchronisation of the frame production with the insulating production process
  • Production sequence of rectangular or shaped formats as desired
  • Non-contact transportation of the glass plates via air cushion support walls



The flexspacer’twinapplicator twin applicator for the non-interrupted production of insulating glass units with different spacer widths



The flexspacer’applicator with storage for four spacer material reels and integrated air drying for the quick change of reels, even during operation



The cornersealer for the secure sealing of corners via fixing with tape strips as well as additional butyl sealing

Butyl application

Processing of T-spacers, FGS (Flexible Glass Spacer) and other spacers via the application of polyisobutylenes on the edge of the spacer on both sides

B’VARIO - System solutions for insulating glass with Aluminium, stainless steel or plastic spacers
The B’VARIO is an individually configurable insulating glass production line for all established spacers.
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In combination with the spacerbenderCOMBI frame bending robot, conventional aluminium, stainless steel or plastic spacers can be processed on the B’VARIO.

  • Premium component quality
  • Long service life
  • Line can be expanded with a multitude of options
first’arris - Top-quality economic glass arrissing
In addition to its ease of use and outstanding edge quality, the first’arris impresses with its compact design and minimum handling requirements, therefore offering economical arrissing which requires little space.
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The modular design of the vertical first’arris arrissing machine enables wide application in the fields of tempered glass, laminated glass and insulating glass production. It can be utilised as a stand-alone machine or as an integrated component in an insulating glass production line.

  • Automatic arrissing of rectangular and shapes with straight edges
  • Autarchic solution, no data input necessary
  • No contact of coated low-E glass
  • Excellent arrissing quality due to grinding wheels
  • Integrated rinsing zone
Handling equipment
Take it easy – efficient handling systems for flat glass and plate processing: Careful handling of the load, minimised effort for the operator, quick, efficient and safe.
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Bystronic glass handling systems ensure easy and safe transport. They allow a flexible and economic use in every flat glass and plate processing branch of industry. The remarkable features of our tried, proven and innovative technology are not only reliable and of the highest quality, but also have the following clear advantages:

  • Careful handling of load
  • Minimized effort
  • Fast, timesaving operation
  • Advantageous cost reduction
Automated integrated window production
Integrates the manufacture of insulating glass units into the production process of the window sashes. Automatic, vertical production of up to 800 window sashes per shift. Processes a wide range of window sizes and profile types.
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The automatic sash’line production line for window sashes makes a separate insulating glass production unnecessary: it simplifies the production process by gluing the glass plates directly into the window sashes and sealing the unit gas-tight.

  • Variable production sequence of rectangular window sashes
  • Washing and inspecting the glass plates is integrated into production
  • Precise application of sealing material including desiccant
  • Assembly, gas filling and pressing of the complete window sash in a single work step
  • Modular platform of the line enables adaptation to individual customer needs
champ’speed / 2in1 - The ideal solution for the pre-processing of automotive glass
High degree of automation along with short changeover times. The champ’speed 2in1 version enables quick changeover between template and template-free production. Also suitable for solar glasses and glass for household appliances.
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The champ’speed enables the quick and precise cutting, breaking, grinding and drilling of automotive glass. The special feature of the champ’speed 2in1 version is its outstanding flexibility with regard to the premium edge break: It is the first machine in the world that can break glass with or without a template.