Trimloss - Outright Sale

9 Sep | Business opportunities

The world famous Trimloss glass and spacer bar optimiser is being offered for outright sale to the highest bidder.

The author and current owner of Trimloss, Julie Moorcroft claims that the unique technical ingenuity built into Trimloss is comparable to the incredible achievement of Alan Turing in cracking the German Enigma code.

This she claims can be evidenced by comparison with other optimisers as explained on her web site

The successful purchaser will be able to claim a much enhanced reputation as well as being able to offer this superior software to existing and new customers.

Julie recommends that the assessment of Trimloss should be carried out by top management who are interested in reducing bottom line figures of material and labour costs.

Her experience has repeatedly shown that IT people rarely give these factors their due priority.

Julie believes that a rival optimiser was once sold for £350,000, but that was about 17 years ago.

Realistic offers therefore need to be in excess of this figure.

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