Tempering Furnace Tornati Forni mod. “HTPO 2445” FOR SALE!

8 Mar | Tempering furnaces

Tempering furnace Tornati Forni model HTPO 2445 for flat glass 4-19mm, year 2003, in perfect condition, special customized for the company Formator Ltd (www.formator.hr), visible in Rijeka (Croatia), available starting from August 2019.

Main features:
- Tempering oscillating furnace for flat glass
- Tempered glass thickness: 4 - 19 mm
- Certifications obtained with this furnace: CE mark, ANSI mark, ISO 614 (marine glass)

Special Features:
- Heat strengthening system up to 12 mm
- Special delay system for thick glass tempering
- Decreased distance between ceramic rollers in order to obtain better tempering quality

Furnace structure:
- The furnace is divided into 5 sectors: loading, furnace, tempering, cooling, unloading
- Pneumatic lifting table in loading and unloading area enable easier handling of big glass sheets
- Multi-zone temperature control (60 zones)
- Infrared optic thermometer (pyrometer)
- General electrical panel with PLC Touch Screen computer
- Quenching and cooling fans with a special control panel.
- Remote control system
- Glass CE marking management system (digital archiving)

- Max glass dimensions: 2.400 x 4.500 mm
- External furnace dimensions: 23.100 x 3.300 mm
- Furnace height: 2.600 mm

Electrical features:
- Installed Power: 608 Kw
- Voltage: 400V – 50Hz

Download Technical Data HERE : www.formator.hr/Tempering_Furnace.pdf

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