SCHIATTI BS7 - 20R - Year 2007

27 Jul | Bevelling machines

SCHIATTI BS7 - 20R - Year 2007
for the processing of bevels from 0° to 45° – with cerium oxide polishing
Especially suitable to medium/big glass companies for the production of mirrors, furniture and interiors
• Conveyor–track composed of rubber pads with six bearings, fixed to a chain that glide along steel guides
• Automatic lubrication system
• PLC touch screen to adjust thickness, working speed, mitering system and to input and display all the working parameters and diagnosis of faults
• Independent adjustment of diamond wheels
• Automatic adjustment of polishing wheels
• Double speed motors for polishing wheels
• A series of ammeters display loads on motors
• Close–circuit water cooling system
• Protection and safety devices to protect the operator
• Electrical system in compliance to the EC in force
Thickness Ranging 3-20 mm
Minimum Dimensions 80x80 mm
Max Load 800 Kg
Height of Work Surface 960 mm
Total Capacity 11,2 kW
Tank Capacity 477 l
Air Consumption 250 nl/min.
Forward Speed 0,6/3 m/min.
Variable Angle 0-45°
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