Lisec spacer bar bending maching BSV-45A, year 1996/2007

8 Jul | Insulating glass production

Lisec bending machine BSV-45A, year 1996, modified by Lisec in year 2007 to bend additionally to Aluminium also stainless steel (Nirotech, Chromatech Plus) profiles, electronic clamping pressure regulator for different material thicknesses.

Last company was also bending TGI by using standard aluminium tools.....

Machine is coming with bending tools for 6/8/10/12/14/16/18 and 20 mm!

Machine is equipped with a Sigmatek PC572 computer

Minimum frame size: 250 x 80 mm
Maximum frame size: 4000 x 2200 mm (split frame)
Profile widths: 6-24 mm
Running direction: links/rechts
Power supply: 3/N/PE-50Hz-415V, 24VDC control voltage
Shapes: according Lisec shape catalogue, including arc shapes (for aluminium only)
4-slot spacer bar magazin PM-45/4

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