Lisec IG-line 2500 x 1600 mm, left-right, year 2006/2011, with overhauled washer

13 May | Insulating glass production

RTV-32/16WE, inlet conveyor of washing machine (completely overhauled)
VHW-16/6, waschin machine, with 6 brushes for low-e, hot water tank, sand filter and blower, maximum glass thickness 15 mm (completely overhauled)
RTVB-15/16ST, outlet conveyor of washing machine (completely overhauled)
RSVN-25/16U, frame set section
RTVB-15/16MZU2, measuring section for gas filling press
FPS-25/16U2B, gas filling machine for Argon
RTVB-32/16ST, outlet conveyor of gas filling press
RTVB-15/16VFE, inlet conveyor of sealing robot, with width measuring device (glass, spacer, unit)
VL-1N/16, sealing robot
VLA-25, year 2011, sealing robot extension, with cork applicator
DOS-1/TH, metering station for Polysulfide

The line is in good condition and has been serviced well over the years ad can be seen on appointment.

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