Lisec gas filling press FPS-35/27U, year 1999, right to left

23 Jan | Insulating glass production

Lisec gas filling press, max unit size 5000 x 2700 mm, 1999, upgraded to latest standard in 2012, consisting of following:

RTVN-27/27MZ, measuring section for gas filling press, year 1999
FPS-35/27U, gas filling press, year 1999, with Sigmatek DIAS control system, modified by Lisec in year 2012 to Beckhoff PC and IPC 2008 as well as extension for 5 m long units
RTVN-15/27/ST, outlet conveyor of gas filling press, year 2012
RKT-38/23, roller tilt table

The machines are in excellent condition as well as very clean. All machines have been well serviced by Lisec engineers over the years.

The machines can be seen in our warehouse on appointment.

Direction: Right to left

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