Lisec DGU Line 3500 x 2500 mm, running direction R/L, consisting of:

7 May | Insulating glass production

Lisec DGU Line 3500 x 2500 mm, R/L, consisting of:

- RTVN-38/25WE, 2002, inlet conveyor washing machine
- VHW-25V8, 2002, washing machine with 8 brushes for low-e, including 2 sand filter and 2 hot water tanks, blower
- RTV-32/25ST, 1995, outlet conveyor of washing machine, modified to FC-operation of drive motors
- RSV-38/25, frame set
- RTV-27/25MZ, 1998, measuring section for gas filling press
- FPS-35/25U, 1998, gas filling press for Argon, filling from the bottom, gas filling cylinder and transport belts replaced 2018, option 3-steps (front, top, rear) included, gas filling of shapes
- UKL-35/23VM, modified to FC-operation of drive motor, Ansteuerung über Sigmatek Zusatzrack in FPS-U zur Steuerung von externen Maschinen
- RTV-16/25VE, 1998, inlet conveyor of sealing robot, technically partly refurbished,2018
- VFL-1D/25, 1998, sealing robot, technically partly refurbished 2018, new transport chains on all sections, new depth measuring linear potentiometer
- DOS-1PSD, 1998. mixing and metering station, running on Polysulfide, 200 litre A and 200 litre B drum, complete overhauled 2018, all material hoses for A and B material have been replaced, pumps and metering device completely refurbished (as new)

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