Discontinued spare parts from IGMS for older machines

3 Jun | Insulating glass production

Even if product innovations lead to the replacement of discontinued primary products, spare parts for old and new primary products must be available for advanced in years running machines.

IGMS still provides lots of these parts such as:
INDRAMAT motors and controllers (MAC and TDM series)
SIGMATEK MODAS and DIAS control system modules as well as terminals and racks:
ET322, ET551, ET553, ET554, PC571, PC572, CP127, ......
B & R control system parts and racks
NUM control system modules (intelligent and I/O modules) as well as racks
SIEMENS Micaromaster frequency converters

If you search for such parts simply ask for an offer. We provide used but tested and also some new parts

Currently we have following used but tested Indramat controllers in our stock:
2 pcs TBM 1.2-40-W1-220 Servo Bleeder for 220 VAC
1 pce TBM 1.2-40-W1-024 Servo Bleeder for 24VDC

1 pce TDM 4.1-20-400-W0 controller
3 pcs TDM 1.2-50-100-W1 controller
2 pcs TDM 1.2-50-100-W0 controller
1 pce TDM 1.2-50-100-W1-2 controller
1 pce TDM 1.2-50-100-W1-000 controller

1 pce TVM 1.2-050-220/300-W0 power supply
4 pcs TVM 1-2-50W0-220 power supply
3 pcs TVM 1.2-050-220/300-W0/220/380 power supply
1 pce TVM 2.2-050-220/300-W1 power supply
1 pce TVM 2.4-050-220/300-W1 power supply
1 pce TVM 2.4-050-220/300-W1 power supply (overhauled by Indramat)

We have following new as well as used but tested Indramat motors in our stock:
2 pcs MAC025A-0-WS-4-E/040-B-1/W1670LX with standard break (new parts)

1 pce MAC063D-0-JS-4 –C/095-B-0/W1518LV without break

4 pcs MAC092B-0-QD-1-B/095-B-0/I01000 without break
1 pce MAC092B-0-QD-2-C/095-B-1 with standard break, no encoder
3 pcs MAC092B-0-QD-2-C/095-B-0 without break, no encoder
1 pce MAC092B-0-QD-4-C/095-B-2/W1518LV with enhanced break
1 pce MAC092B-0-QD-4-C/095-B-0/W1518LV without break (new part)

1 pcs MAC090B-0-JD-4-C/130-B-2/W1518LV/SO19 with enhanced break (new part)
1 pcs MAC090B-0-JD-4-C/130-B-2/W1518LV/SO19 with enhanced break
1 pcs MAC090B-0-JD-4-C/130-B-2/SO19 without break and encoder (new part)
1 pcs MAC090B-0-JD-4-C/130-B-2/I01000/SO19 with enhanced break
1 pcs MAC090B-0-JD-4-C/130-B-0/I01000/SO3 without break

MAC112C-0-HD-2-C/130-B-0/S005 without break

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