Bystronic butyl machine BEZ-7,5, year 2007, overhauled

23 Feb | Insulating glass production

manual Bystronic butyl machine BEZ-7,5, year 2007, completely overhauled 2020
useable for rectangles and shapes

Technical Data:
power supply: 400V/50Hz, 5kW
total length: 2870 mm
total max. height: 1100 mm
frame size: 70-4000 mm
min. prile height: 5-12 mm
profile width: 4-24 mm (automatic), 4-36 mm (manual)
working height: 650-950 mm
transport belt height: adjustable between 0-7 mm
speed transport belt 5-50 m/min
butyl container size: 7,5 kg
air supply: 6 bar
working temperature butyl: 100-140°C
maximum working pressure: 280 bar
maximum pressure hydraulic: 300 bar

Can be seen and tested in our warehouse in Hungary
Videos can be provided on demand

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