Apprentice Production Operator at Walker Glass

20 Apr | Glass jobs opportunities

We are looking for people with an interest in manual production work. You must be versatile, reliable, independent, conscientious and skilled in teamwork. Due to the use of chemicals, wearing safety equipment is mandatory: gloves, cartridge respirator, waterproof clothing and boots with steel caps. In addition, wearing contact lenses and a beard is prohibited.

Job Related Tasks

Your job will include specific and varied tasks such as :
Load handling
Working with chemicals
Preparing and transfering chemical solutions (acid)
Read work orders and complete the requirements
Read and follow Chemicals Material Safety Data Sheets for job safety
Complete all other operation tasks required

Working Schedule
You must be available on all three shifts.

Day shift (6am to 2:30pm),
Evening shift (2:30pm to 11pm) and
Night shift (Sunday 9:30pm to 6am and Monday to Thursday 11pm to 7:30am).
Please note that all training will be done during the day.

Required Experience

1 to 2 years experience in production tasks in the manufacturing sector
Ability to measure glass in millimeters and inches
Lift and frequently handle heavy loads (more than 50 lbs)
Possession of a high school diploma is considered an asset
Read, write and speak French

Position’s Profile

Possessing manual production work interest
Be versatile, reliable, independent, conscientious and skilled in teamwork
Be comfortable working with PPE (cartridge mask, gloves, waterproof clothing and boots with steel cap)

Other Relevant Information for the Position

Permanent and stable position with advancement possibility
Company commitment to its employees
Social benefits and group insurance
Free gym available on-site
Free parking
Quick salary progression:
Starting salary of 17.00$ per hour
6 months: +0.50$
12 months: +0.50$
18 months: +0.50$
24 months: +0.50$
Evening Shift Bonus: 1.00$/hour ; Night Shift Bonus: 1.50$/hour

Walker Glass Company Ltd.
9551 Ray Lawson Blvd.
H1J1L5 Montréal
Phone: 514 352-3030 - 1 888 320-3030