Legacy Auto Glass Layoffs Employees
News 4 has learned more than 130 employees of Legacy Auto Glass will spend the holidays without a job. Labor and Industries confirmed late Friday afternoon they are hearing dozens of complaints from former employees that they have been told they won't be getting final paychecks.
Legacy Customer Care Manager, Steve Kaye, says the company laid off 180 employees after closing a call center just before Thanksgiving. He thought they were pulling through the economic trouble and was shocked to be told Friday morning he and 138 remaining employees were being laid off now as well.

Legacy operates one store in Spokane and mobile repair and replacement services in 17 markets nationwide.

"I just think there has been a lot of dishonesty with the company, and how they've not only dealt with their employees, but treated their employees," said Steve Kaye, a former Legacy employee.

The Better Business Bureau says it has been watching this company for sometime and knows the Attorney General's Office has been as well.

December, 15th, 2003