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Z. Bavelloni: A new vertical drilling machine

VT 1601 CN is a vertical driller with opposite heads, characterised by a drilling range of 1600 x 2600 mm.
The first thing that is obvious about the VT 1601 CN is, in complete contrast to all machines of this type currently present in the market, that it is a vertical machine.

The decision to develop this machine configuration was based on the following advantages:

-Space occupied by the machine
The size of the machine is increasingly important as our customers frequently have to deal with restricted space availability. The vertical solution clearly enables the occupied space to be reduced to the minimum.

-Automation of processing
Firmly convinced that today it is increasingly important to automate processing and restrict machine function from the operator, we developed the VT 1601 CN so that it could operate completely automatically: the vertical layout greatly facilitates the movement of the glass being processed.

-Containment of water
The vertical arrangement facilitates the collection of coolant water that drops down from the drills due to gravity instead of pooling on the glass surface being processed as usually happens with horizontal drills.

-Completely automatic
As can be easily deduced when looking at the machine, it consists of a glass conveyor and a bridge where the two opposit heads are installed.
The operator loads the glass onto the entry arm of the drill and pushes it against a reference point that consists of a pneumatic pincer that takes hold of the glass.
At this point, the machine functions completely automatically: the pincer moves the glass along axis X while the heads move along axis Y drilling the holes in the cycle.
Once the drilling cycle is complete, the operator can unload the glass, lifting it off the exit arm.

-Easy to use
The operator only has to carry out simple operations: send the drilling cycles from the CAD-CAM or input them into the NC, load and unload the glass being processes, replace drills to match required hole diameters.
The NC automatically controls the regulation of the drill path as a function of the glass thickness.
Drill wear compensation is also automatically controlled.

-Particulars that count
The mechanical movements are implemented by high precision ball bearing screws and guides, and high precision timing belts. Movement is controlled by brushless motors and all the mechanics used guarantee the precision of the distance between hole centres within some tenths of a millimetre.

-The drilling heads
The drilling heads have been fully developed by Z. Bavelloni and consist of a mandrel coupled to an electric motor using transmission belts. In this way, complete absence of vibration can be achieved.

The rotation speed of the drills can be continuously modified up to 5000 rpm, so that the best rotation speed of the tool as a function of the diameter can be achieved automatically.

-Drill changing
Instead of the classic threaded attachment,1/2 gas, a rapid release pincer is used to facilitate to the full any drill changing operations: the operator can change a drill in just a few seconds.

-Control equipment
Equipment has been specially developed for this machine to optimise the machine-operator interface.
VT 160 CN is actually fitted with a control console where it is possible:
To input the dimensions of the glass to be drilled and define the drilling cycles
To input a theoretically infinite number of holes per pane
Memorise the various drilling programs
To make the operator’s task even easier, it is possible to connect the control equipment with a PC where work can be carried out more comfortably.

November 14th, 2001
Photo: Z. Bavelloni
Source: Z. Bavelloni

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