Adelio Lattuada - Knittel Glass cooperation

Adelio Lattuada - Knittel Glass cooperation
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Integration of Kuka robots with Lattuada machines.

We are pleased to announce the beginning of the partnership between our company and the German company Knittel Glass.

Knittel GlassKnittel Glass, founded in 1987, has a longtime experience in the automation for the glass sector and specifically in the design of specialized automation lines for the glass handling.

Thanks to Knittel's strategic partnership with Kuka for the supply of robots, we can now offer new, flexible and customized integration solutions with the following advantages: increase of automation levels, flexibility and productivity, production optimization and costs reduction.

Adelio Lattuada - Knittel Glass cooperation

Adelio Lattuada - Knittel Glass cooperation


Some strong points of the ‘Adelio Lattuada + Knittel Formula’:

  • Automatic and integrated online-measuring of the glasses
  • Automatic adjustment of the working speed according to the glasses size
  • Continuous production for a higher productivity (compared to the "fixed distance" solution)
  • Possibility to turn the glass of 90° or 180°

Adelio LattuadaThe most common application is with two Lattuada edging machines and one robot and this year at our booth at Vitrum 2017, we will give you a real demonstration of this solution (further details will be soon on-line).

To achieve the maximum result, it is possible to ask for customized modules and software designed on request.

Robots require machines that are more fully automatic, so we have added some features to the list of options (others will be introduced shortly), including:

  • automatic wear compensation on the polishing wheels
  • automatic pressure and speed adjustment based on the glass thickness
  • PC management of the working phases
  • remote diagnostics and support
  • possibility to remote the panel and the PLC on a PC/Tablet

To discover all the other integration solutions we invite you to click HERE.

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