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Insulating glassInsulating glass is a multi-glass combination consisting of two or more panes enclosing a hermetically-sealed air space. The most important function of insulation glass is to reduce thermal losses, which offers many advantages: lower energy consumption, perfect transparency by reducing the incidence of condensation on the warm air side and the possibility of using larger glazed areas without increasing energy consumption.


Insulating glass is a glazed unit composed of two or more glass panes separated by spacers filled with dehydrated air or gas. The sheets are connected by a spacer, using sealants to reduce water vapor penetration. The whole unit is hermetically assembled by a secondary edge seal which gives structural robustness to the insulating glass. The spacer contains a desiccant which absorbs humidity from within the air space. The insulating glass unit (IGU) is made manually or with an automatic plant.

Last review: Apr, 2007