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Facts about glass

history of glass History of glass
Discover the beauties and production of glass trough history. How Sir Allastair pilkington invented the float glass process in the late 1950

production of glass How is glass produced?
The term "float" glass derives from the production method, introduced in the UK by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1959, by which process 90% of today's flat glass is manufactured.

Glass types

A list of most common glass types in the flat glass industry. Starting from basic glass types such as float glass, mirrors, trough security types and finishing with special glass types like electrochromic and photovoltaic glass. Selecting a glass type you will find a page with detailed description and topic related external links where you can scan more in depth.

    Float glass
    Body-tinted glass
    Reflective glass
    Low-e glass
    Insulating glass
    Enameled/Screen printed glass
    Pattern glass
    Antique mirror
    Photovoltaic glass
    X-ray protection glass
    Electrically heated glass
    Electrochromic glass
    Liquid crystal glazing
    Self-Cleaning glass
    Sand-blasted glass
    Acid-etched glass
    Bent glass
    Tempered glass
    Laminated glass
    Fire-resistant glass
    Wired glass
    Alarm glass
    Anti-reflective glass

Glass glossary
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Find descriptions of various technical and non-technical glass terms. Choose the first letter.


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