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Interesting Facts

Polytron Technologies, Inc.

Polytron Technologies, Inc. is a specialty, architectural glass company with the capability to supply high quality Privacy Glass (Switchable Glass), LED Glass, Laser Glass, Moving Display Glass, and Matt Glass… etc. to a worldwide marketplace.

Located in Taiwan, Polytron Technologies Inc. is committed to offering the best products at competitive pricing to all customers in the international community.

Polytron Technologies Inc. is a subsidiary of Polytronix, Inc., an American company that provides the patent product Polyvision™ Privacy Glass to the Taiwan operation. This combination of companies is ready to meet customer needs for new choices of architectural and decoration materials for the world marketplace. Our excellent research and design team utilizes the highest quality raw materials to provide customers with new application perspectives to compliment their particular skills and creations.

Polytron Technologies (Taiwan) Inc. is focused on keeping their technology in the forefront and their quality at the highest level, designing new products and creating new forms of material in order to deliver the best products to clients.

Polytron Technologies, Inc. has created and launched several mainstream products to the market:

Polyvision™ Privacy Glass – Switchable Glass

Through Polyvision™ Privacy Glass, you will see things in a whole new light!
At the flick of a switch, Polyvision™ products become transparent from a dormant, cloudy-white translucent state. Polyvision™ Glass, therefore, provides creative design applications for architects and other innovative and practical users. Opportunities for use in Bath Room / Shower Enclosure, Clinic Private Areas, Conference Room, Hospital (Nursery, Emergency, ICU, Operation Room), Exterior Windows, Optical Shutters, Projection Displays, Residential, Security Windows, Skylights, Cosmetic Counter Displays, and More.
With Polyvision™ products when the power is off, the liquid crystal molecules are randomly oriented so that incident light is scattered and Polyvision™ film is opaque. With electricity applied, the liquid crystal molecules line up, the incident light passes through, and Polyvision™ looks clear.
Polyvision™ products are available in custom sizes and shapes to match your creative designs.

Polymagic™ Glass – LED / Light Source Glass

This is a special, patented, technology that incorporates LEDs (light sources) into glass panels to create distinctive patterns, images and logos. It performs as an excellent promotional tool in creating attention-getting displays. High performing bright LEDs conserve energy while being very visible. Polymagic™ is available in special flat or curved glass with LEDs to match your applications without any disturbing wires.

With Polymagic™ Glass, you will find innovative ways to use your imagination! This product helps to provide creative designs for architects and other innovative applications. Some application examples are, Lightings, Bath Room / Shower Enclosure, Clinics, Conference Room, Table/Bench, Hurricane Resistant Exterior Window Displays, Inner Door/ Shop Windows, Façade, Residential Effects, Shelf Displays, Skylights, Boutique / Specialty Counter Displays, and as Enhancements to Specialty items like Clocks, or Novelty Displays. 3C products, And More.

Polyholo™ Glass – Laser Glass

This is a new-patented technology that creates unique glass panels embedded with holographic patterns. It provides a variety of colorful, attractive, eye-catching patterns (stock patterns or custom patterns available). Applications: Outer Windows, Conference Rooms, Kitchens, Shop Windows, Reception Areas, Newborn Nurseries, Room Dividers, Display Areas, Museums, and Commercial Shops.

Polynano™ Glass – Moving Display Glass

Polynano™ carbon nanotube field emission device (CNT-FED) features perfect flat outer screen surface, flat rear screen, very thin thickness, high beam current output of carbon Nanotube emission cathode, circle phosphor dot screen anode, monochrome output, see-through type, wide-environmental operation application. Monochrome display for 32x32 resolution character and image interface application. Its use is very effective for established high visibility wording and character recognition icons.

Polyflush™ Glass – Flush Glass

Polyflush™ Glass appears in different colors when viewing in various angles. It has no metal containment, no oxidation problem and provides up to 99% UV protection. This is an attractive eye-catching material with a unique presentation that will enhance your most imaginative product displays.

Polymatt™ Glass – Matt Glass

Polymatt™ Glass replaces the traditional Sand-Blasted Glass that presents a dust contamination problem. With Sand-Blasted Glass the presentation is often marred by fingerprints, dust and grease that are hard to remove from its surface. It can look very dirty after a short period of use. To provide a solution to this problem Polytron, Inc. developed a new product, Polymatt™ Glass. The surface is very smooth so it won't be contaminated by fingerprints, stains or dust while still producing the muted lighting effect. Cleaning this product is very easy.

Polylow-E™ Glass – Energy Saving And Burst-Proof Glass

Polylow-E™ Glass is a unique product that combines Low-E film with glass. It establishes a new trend for curtain walls. By its advanced technology, Polylow-E™ Glass brings you the benefits of energy saving and high protection against bursting and explosion. It also blocks damaging UV light as well as uncomfortable solar heat. For the most efficient results, it can be laminated or insulated using multiple layers of glass.

Energy Saving
Blocks up to 99% of UV light.
Maximize comfort by blocking unwanted solar heat.
High durability and stability.
Blocks electromagnetic waves from electronic products.
Brings an aesthetic look to buildings thanks to its natural color.

Some of the products listed are mainly suited for applications in interior design, decoration, window shell, product display, furniture…etc.

For more information, please contact:
Polytron Technology, Inc.
Add: 330 1F-3 No.402 Yun-an north Road,
Tau-yuan City, Taiwan 330
Tel: +886-3-3164158
Fax: +886-3-3164159

Last review: March, 2013

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