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Interesting facts
How to Prevent Frosting on the Windshield

It is cold winter now. Windshields frost or ice over easily in this whether and it is always a safety risk for driving, so you should not ignore it. Here are some tips for preventing frost or ice on your windshield, just give it a try!

A. Start up the motor for a few minutes to pre-heat and then turn on the hot air vent below the windscreen. Meanwhile, close the other vents temporarily to enable the air to blow more strongly on the surface of the windscreen. It will help you to rapidly get rid of the frost or ice.

B. Open the air-conditioning to adjust the inner temperature of the car, which will eliminate the humidity and will soon thaw the frost or ice on the windshield.

C. You can spread a small quantity of glycerine or alcohol on the windscreen to prevent frosting or icing on the glass surface for a short period.

D. Mixing some washing up liquid into clean water and then mopping it on the inside of the windshield with a clean dishcloth. Suds will occur when you mop the glass but they will disappear automatically after a while, leaving the remaining detergent covering the surface of windshield like a protective membrane which will stop the glass from frosting or icing over for about 2 hours. Wipe the ?protective membrane? off with a clean wet dishcloth when the temperature has risen in the car.

E. If the windshield is covered by frost or ice while driving, you should stop the car to scrape it off and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. To ensure your safe driving please do not ignore it and continue driving or try to wipe off the frost/ice while driving.

Last review: February, 2013

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