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Laser glass cutting technology

During the last years, major manufacturers of glass cutting machines have invested more and more resources toward research in the use of lasers for cutting glass. Most of them are convinced that in the next decades, laser-cutting technology will replace the traditional glass cutting method. What does this technology consist of and what are the benefits of using the laser-cutting method?

Conventional glass cutting is done by scoring and breaking which produces micro-cracks and splinters, and leaves cutting oil residues. These influences lead to lowered strength and pollution of the glass sheets. If the glass has to be bent or tempered, further grinding, polishing and washing processes are needed.

Using the laser-cutting method, by laser energy, a certain temperature is generated at each point of the planned scoring line. The following cooling creates the score exactly with high precision, giving a smooth and polished-like edge.

New technologies allow cutting thicknesses from 1 mm to 28 mm and offer many advantages in terms of quality. These are the main benefits of using the new laser-cutting systems:

  • The smooth, oil-free and chip-free glass edges show no micro-cracks.
  • The breaking strength of the panes is two to three times higher than that of conventionally cut glass, and it is even higher than the resistance of polished edges.
  • When laser-cut glass is passed on to a tempering or bending line, there is no need for it to be ground.
  • The danger of personal injury is greatly reduced. has discovered some interesting links where you can find more detailed information about the new glass cutting technologies.

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Last review: February, 2013

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