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Interesting Facts

Interesting facts
Types of glass transportation

Transporting glass from point A to B is the final step for the glass manufacturer and processor. Specially designed vehicles are used for this purpose. Let’s take a closer look at the different options available and their benefits.

Depending on the specific needs of each company, there is a vast selection of transport options available today, including regular vans, pickups and opened or closed bodies and finally glass trucks. The selection of vehicles mainly depends on the glass panel size. So-called ?vans? are the most common vehicles used for carrying glass in North America. The glass carriers can be mounted on both sides of the van while the interior of the vehicle provides shelter for the tools and supplies. The major benefit of a van is the fact that it is relatively economical and easy to manoeuvre. Pick-up trucks are another popular vehicle for transporting glass. They have the advantage of extra space for transporting doors and frames in the truck, while still having the ability to mount carriers for glass on both sides. However, both types (van and pick-up truck) can operate only in good weather conditions and are intended only for local transport. Lighter closed trucks are basically workshops on wheels. They offer security for tools and supplies like vans, and also have the additional benefit of headroom to allow for full height standing room. This represents benefits in different environmental conditions such as rain and snow. Primary glass manufacturers such as Saint Gobain and Pilkington use specially designed straight trucks and trailers. Glass transports are used to carry jumbo-sized glass and multiple cases of glass. These trucks are specially useful and economical for distributors and large-scale jobs. There are many types of vehicles used to transport glass. To get the best result and optimum vehicles you should contact the manufacturer and he will help you with the glass carrier that best suits your needs.

Last review: February, 2013

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